10 Reasons Why You Should Batch Prep Your Food Tips for saving time for your business

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    Let’s talk food because it is one of my favourite things in the world.

    How we eat is how we feel and how we feel is how we perform. Are you with me?


    As busy entrepreneurs and business owners we might be faced with three food-related problems:

    1. We don’t have enough time to eat, but since we work from home, we eat whatever comes our way (hello, unhealthy snacks!).
    2. When we work from home (again) and we are easily distracted, we may end up cooking every day which can take away from our valuable time which we could spend working on projects or growing our business.
    3. Coming home after a long day, too tired to cook and not interested in paying more money on take-out? That is another well-known issue.


    Food prepping is something that can help. I first heard about it when I lived in Sweden. Everybody seemed to be doing it. Every Sunday, my Swedish friends had a big cooking session, preparing enough food for the entire week – often they made one large batch of the same dish – they prepped five lunch boxes, put some of them in the freezer, and voilà, they were done for the week. They had a fresh, home-cooked meal for every day of the week. In one go! Now, that is well thought through batch working!
    I started doing this when I moved to Canberra and it really has changed my work day and the quality of food that I put into my body every.single.day.

    This is something you can do for yourself, but also for you and your partner, and even if you have kids, I presume. You can experiment with food prepping in different ways until you find a version that suits you well.
    I love taking my Sunday late afternoon for a big cooking session. In an ideal world this would happen every week, but obviously that is not quite the case. A cooking session includes cooking Sunday dinner (my partner and I alternate on this one), prepping a big batch of food for my lunches throughout the week and sometimes even breakfast prep!

    But hey, you might be wondering, why should I do this, Nina? I can quickly whip up something every day or, i just do it the night before I go to work, right?
    I hear you, I really do. But I have made the experience so often that life just gets into the way and the night that I wanted to do the food prep for the next day never happened which dragged through the entire week.

    That is why here are 10 definite reasons WHY you should start food prepping:


    1. You will have a healthy, home-made meal every day.
    2. You save money because you don’t have to buy take-out every day.
    3. By avoiding take-out food, you avoid lots of added sugars and other nasties, which will help to stabilise your mood.
    4. You don’t have to cook while hungry when you come home after a long day or finally close the doors of your home-office.
    5. You can try out those recipes you have been bookmarking for a while and actually try those recipes you pinned on Pinterest (YEAY!) without thinking, but cooking for one person is sad! Because, guess what, you will eat of that batch several times.
    6. You will very likely improve your cooking skills, even if you are not planning on doing so.
    7. The time you save every day (because you already have prepared your meal) you can spend with your loved ones, reading a book, doing a more yoga or whatever you do to relax.
    8. Choosing a recipe or something you want to cook for your meal prep will transform your grocery shopping behaviour, give you more of a plan of what to buy which might result in, again, saving money.
    9. It will make you happy to have a thought-through meal every day that you crafted for yourself.
    10. Finally, with all of those points above checked, your performance at work can easily improve, thanks to the extra time, the good fuel, and the more relaxed relation with food that you develop.


    Does that sound convincing to you?

    I think this simple trick can absolutely transform your work week!
    Preparing breakfast is a similarly great idea. Have you ever thought about batch prepping your oatmeal? To be honest, I haven’t until I worked in professional kitchens for two years and I realised that there are ways of preparing breakfast in advance – without ending up with a soggy and unappetizing bowl of porridge. While the lunch prep is really all up to you and your personal preferences, prep-able breakfasts might seem a little more foreign to you which is why I want give you at least a few ideas of what kind of breakfast bowl you can prepare in advance. Although, you will probably want to look up actual recipes on one of those picturesque food blogs (#addictspeaking)


    Easily prepared breakfasts, for example, are:


    • overnight oats
    • porridge (my favourite porridge is with steel-cut oats)
    • chia puddings
    • semolina pudding (my current favourite, #childhoodmemories)
    • even fruit smoothies, depending on the ingredients
    • toppings can be home-made apple sauce, boiled or thawed frozen berries, or any kind of fresh fruit
    • breakfast muffins (sweet or savory)
    • fruit and yoghurt cups
    • sandwiches
    • crumbles


    I hope that I could give you an idea of how to go healthier through your busy week and that you could gain some inspiration from this post! I find it really important that we remember to treat ourselves and our bodies well. We are the most important asset of our business, so take care of it, meaning yourself.

    And, as usual, if you have any feedback or ideas to complement this post, please just send me a comment below!

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