3 Most Badass Smartcat Features in 2019

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3 Most Badass Smartcat Features in 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve rolled out dozens of new features and enhancements that made Smartcat an even better place to work on translation projects for customers and suppliers alike.

On top of that, we’ve come up with a new paradigm for the language industry. Lately, the idea of building a Connected Translation platform has been guiding much of our development efforts aimed at offering Smartcat users a seamless, end-to-end translation experience, in addition to bringing all industry players together in one place.

In this post, we’d like to go over the three most impactful updates we’ve made to Smartcat over the past few months.

Translation companies as suppliers

We believe that individual translators and LSPs should have equal opportunities as suppliers offering their services in Smartcat. This is why we’ve focused on adding a whole bunch of new functionality to allow LSPs to get hired by Smartcat customers and work on their projects the same way as with freelancers.

As an LSP, you can now:

  • Make your corporate profile public thus becoming visible to potential customers on the Marketplace.
  • Get hired by customers and assigned to their projects, as well as get added to their teams.
  • Get paid by customers and use your earnings to pay your own suppliers — or simply withdraw the money from your balance.
  • Post job offers and apply for other customers’ jobs via our all-new Job board.

We’re not done yet though, so keep an eye out for more exciting updates.

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Client Portal

This isn’t really a feature but rather a separate UI that LSPs can build into their website.

We’ve designed the Client Portal to eliminate or simplify a number of steps in the process of ordering translation services both for LSPs and their customers.

Your customers will be able to order your services in a more transparent, hassle-free way, while you will be able to process their requests faster by getting their content directly to your Smartcat account. The customer will also see the progress in real time and, once the work is completed, will be able to download the translation immediately and pay you.

All this means less stress and fewer manual tasks for your PMs — there surely are more important things they can do.

Learn more about our Client Portal.


To support our Connected Translation concept, we’re constantly building and releasing new integrations (also known as connectors) between Smartcat and various third-party solutions.

So far, you can link your Smartcat account with your CMS platform (Drupal, WordPress, Magento), repository (GIT, SVN), cloud-storage solution (Google Drive, Dropbox) or another software.

Our integrations allow you to automatically grab the content you want to localize from the system of your choice, send it directly to Smartcat and then have the completed translations pulled back to the system. This can be your next step to streamline your localization process and a huge time-saver for your project managers.

Learn more about the available integrations.

Oh, and here’s a quick reminder that you can also build custom integrations using our open API.

We’ve also made countless improvements to make your user experience even more convenient and consistent. Some changes may seem minor but when it comes to building a platform like Smartcat we want to make sure you’re saving as much time and effort as possible.

One of the major enhancements worth mentioning is the recent Editor update which resulted in a threefold increase in speed and allowed the user to see 15% more segments on the screen.

We can’t thank you enough for sharing your valuable feedback — your opinion greatly affects how we develop Smartcat. If you have anything else you’d like to say, feel free to leave your suggestions or concerns in the comments below.

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