5 Reasons Why You Should Create Offline Every Day 30 Minutes Without Wifi To Increase Your Focus

Greater than 6 minutes, my friend!

Seriously, I had to read somebody else’s post on productivity to even come up with this idea! Creating offline is obviously a great way to be extremely productive because you are not distracted by the sparkly internet.

I, personally, have a general structure for my days, there is some time reserved to work IN my business and a good chunk to work ON my business. And while I do run an online business, a good deal of the work that I can do ON my business can wonderfully be done offline.

For example, I made it a habit of mine to create offline every day at least for a few minutes, for example, planning the day and/or week ahead. I do this before I check any of my social medias or emails. I am still in the process of learning how to set good goals, so I cannot say that I am changing the world in those 5 minutes in the morning, but it feels good to take a moment to think about what I will do that day. What are my three big goals. Or two goals. I write them down and act towards them.

Another habit is this: Once a week, I go outside in our garden to a spot where there is no internet connection at all – that is in the hammock underneath an olive tree with a rosemary tree in my back – and I brain storm and draft a bunch of blog articles. And actually this is where I am writing this blog post right now. After I read this article on Betty Means Business in which the wonderful blogger and coaching expert recommends that we should create 30 minutes offline every day, I did my first offline blog post creation session. And it worked wonders. Usually, I would sit down to write one blog article at a time, looking up words in the process, doing lots of research and finally getting distracted by the vastness of the internet, and that process took me way too long, plus I would do it every.single.week. Doing offline blog post creation sessions, however, I can create about 4 blog post drafts and outlines in one hour which will speed up the writing and editing process that I will go through later!


To get to the good stuff, here are the 5 reasons why you should create offline every day

  1. Your focus increases. By disconnecting from the internet, you ultimately minimise all distractions that come with it. Those can be honourable minutes of research, quickly checking your Google Analytics, just quickly dropping person X this message you have been thinking about all day … You see where I am going? Because what you need to do is not only to „not go online“ while the browser is teasing you with pop-ups and a potential www-fix. You want to close your browser, turn off the wifi, even go to a different location which you usually don’t associate with your normal online work. A cafe without wifi or with bad wifi, a park bench, a hidden spot in your garden without wifi connection. By removing even the option to go online, you reach an actual focus. Your brain is stimulated in a different way, solely relaying on you thoughts, intellect, and creativity.
  2. The quality of your content improves. By enhancing your focus and disabling all above-mentioned distractions, your thoughts run in a more straight forward direction, rather than jumping back and forth. The red thread is clearly visible. Now, it depends on the kind of work that you do offline, but from my own experience I can say that I work a lot more efficiently and on a deeper level in this way. The internet and all its wonderful research opportunities also entail the danger of loosing your train of thought during the creation process. By eliminating these elements and increasing your focus, you can clearly improve on the coherence, logic and relevance of your content. This also happens because by creating offline you are forced to work on one thing at a time (multi-tasking is so 2010 ;P ) and in this way all your creation potential is directed at this one task in front of you.
  3. You work faster. This is really a result of the two points above and no rocket science. Your time and ideas minus distractions plus increased focus? You will work faster offline than online. If that is mind mapping, blog post drafting, creating smart goals, planning your day/month, you will see that which ever tedious or fun, small or big task you have on your to do list: when you actively turn away from the black hole we call the world wide web, you my friend, can get more things done in less time than you thought.
  4. You can be more creative. Our brains are like a computer, maybe somehow like the internet itself, what with all the data and information saved up there, grey areas, interesting, boring, intellectual, and silly thoughts. Now, if you heavily rely on the online world to be creative, you may actually not exhaust all your unique ideas and potential! Turning away from your actual computer or your wifi connection can help you to awake your brain which, in fact, tends to go into lazy mode once we have constant connection to all the information online. (You remember how we used to remember things by ourselves without looking up everything on our smart phones?)
  5. It is healthy. You will be more present and real in those times that you spend depending on your own amazing brains. And as you know, I am all into mindfulness and being present. As business people and entrepreneurs, we want to do aaaaaall the things, right? (Can I hear an amen?) We do and that is why we are amazing and will succeed (*unicorns in my eyes*). But. A burnout does not help us. We create, and work, and connect, and (you fill in the blank) every day. We also get more ideas every day, too. And the internet is a part of the reason why. But if you are anything like me, you like a good wholesome, creative timeout. While your creativity and productivity will bloom as you work offline for a little bit every day, you will hopefully notice how you and your mind relax during those offline sessions.

I hope this comprehensive list of the advantages of working and creating offline can inspire you to take action! Try to make it one of your daily habits to success. Creating content with a higher focus and better quality in less time, exhausting your true potential and being healthy? (Phew.) That sounds like a good habit to me. And one little extra advantage in my opinion is: You will more easily feel the progress you are making. By being more present at what you do, you can also track more naturally what you actually achieve. Now, pop that bottle of champagne!

In case you are thinking, but Nina, what am I supposed to do offline, I have an online business?! Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

I have created a list of things that you can do offline below:

  • Plan your day/week/month ahead
  • Write Instagram captions in advance
  • Plan – outline – draft – write blog posts
  • Draft email templates – in an offline text creation program. You don’t need Mailchimp to write the initial words.
  • Set goals and create an action plan
  • Read a book – non-fiction – to educate yourself for the benefit of your business
  • Take a piece of paper and note down workflows that surround certain aspects of your business (I, for example, worked out a workflow for the process of my blog post writing.)
  • Taking a piece of paper is generally a good idea
  • Take a piece of (big) paper, a fun pen and just brain storm. What are your goals at the moment? What is an important task you have to do? Write down anything that is very dominating on your mind right now in order to calm down your overwhelming thoughts. Get back to your notes later and make them work for you.
  • Cook and fuel yourself

This is it, my friends. I hope I could inspire you! Please share this article with your friends and colleagues. I truly believe that everybody can benefit from these ideas on how and why to create offline.

Also, share your thoughts with me! Do you work offline a lot? What do you do when you work offline?

Nina Gruenewald

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Hello there! I am a creative translator. I tailor German words for creative business owners, innovators and story-tellers.

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