Aiming for better business? Start reading! Includes my ultimate fall reading list for the bibliophile language professional.

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    I’ll be frank with you: One of my biggest secrets concerning marketing and business development? Reading.
    I just realized I read or listened to 12 books in November. What better incentive to share my November reads with you? On average and without a two-week journey to add some much-desired reading time, I read about one new book per week. Add to that some old favorite or other as an audiobook to fall asleep to (must have listened to the first two chapters of Harry Potter about 20 times before managing to stay awake all the way through to the sorting hat).
    Thank the Universe for my Kindle app which enables me to hoard books and still keep my marriage life intact. Also, hundreds of books in my library, accompanying me wherever I lay my feet up? Excellent!
    Though I did just buy a stack of real-life books, a Christmas ritual of mine, born from my book collector’s soul and super-useful when you live in the middle of the woods, where winter means blackouts that may last up to a day.

    Here’s my November reading list. Or rather, here’s a list of books I completed because they were well-written, had something to say and offered something to take away.

    Colin Hines –  Localization, a Global Manifesto
    Jodi Taylor –  Just One Damned Thing After Another
    Erik Barker –  Barking up the Wrong Tree
    Dr. Carol Dweck –  Mindset
    Tom Holt – The Outsourcerers Apprentice
    Jost Zetzsche –  Translation Matters
    S. J. Scott –  Habit Stacking
    Charles Duhigg –  The Power of Habit
    Tibor R. Mach –  The Commons
    iMinds – Tragedy of Commons
    Jean Tirole – Economics for the Common Good
    MJ Demarc – Unscripted

    I put these in chronological order and looking at this list I realize you will no doubt be able to hop onto my train of thought and follow how one book leads me to another either going deep on the same subject or shining a light on it from a different angle. Translation Matters doesn’t really fit into that order because it just came out and I couldn’t wait to read it. If you’re interested, have a look at my review on Amazon.
    Winter with its long evenings is the perfect time to read up a storm. Is there anything better than a cup of your favorite hot beverage, a snuggly reading chair or sofa, a rainy/snowy day to spend exploring horizons and seeing the world from a different angle?
    Don’t fall for the common misconception that books can’t be both entertaining and useful in a business sense. I found all of these works inspiring and fun to read.

    Anything on here you know and love (or hate??)?
    Any recommendations for my reading list?
    I’m all eyes and can’t wait to read you!
    Nicole König

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    2 thoughts on “Aiming for better business? Start reading!

    1. Hey, Nicole! I’ve found this so interesting because reading is one of the things I love most and reading for your career sounds like a win-win hobby, but I can’t find as much time to read as I’d like. How do you do it? Care to share your secret? 😉
      I used to think audiobooks would be the answer to my problems as I could listen to them while doing something else. Turns out I can’t really focus on them that way, and even if I do nothing else while listening, my mind tends to wander off… I guess they’re not my cup of tea.
      Also, hope you don’t mind me asking: do you use Kindle Unlimited or just the Kindle service? It would be nice to learn that Kindle Unlimited has such a wide choice in books (meaning not just fiction books but also niche topics such as translation).

    2. Hi Nicole, thank you for this list and I am really interested to read the first book (Localization, a Global Manifesto). I started a new job as a translator since 3rd of December and it requires localization. I have been planning to read more about localization and I will definitely check this one. Thanks

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