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Who designed The Open Mic?

The Open Mic was designed by Dmitry Kornyukhov. You might know him from his blog: Best Russian Translator. Everything you...
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Is there a membership fee?

Nope! We’re one of those silly individuals who don’t believe in paywalls. We don’t believe in membership fees. Yes, it...
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Who can join The Open Mic?

​Any translator or interpreter can sign up for a free account. Registration takes less than a minute. You can register...
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Is registration mandatory?

Absolutely not! If you’re here to read and learn, then go ahead, jump straight to our home page and start...
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What is The Open Mic?

The Open Mic is the first blogging platform and professional community for translators and interpreters. The Open Mic was created...
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Is this a job-bidding platform?

Thank God it’s not! We have plenty of platforms that foster price-based competition and making another one doesn’t feel right...
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