we are all born translators — it’s just that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune bring this realization only to a chosen few

  • “If a text calls me — if I feel an urge to not just read it, but take it in, soak it up, and give it back to the world — I will feed this urge, paid or not.”

  • As translators, we are -already- making the magic happen in our daily work — all it takes is to let others see it. (2)

  • If it feels like the weight is too heavy, and you will never be able to move it— just try a bit harder, maybe it’s just stiction (google for it).

  • “Calling someone by their name is not about curtsies. It is about creating a bridge between your stories — one that could turn into its own story over time.” - @VovaZk

  • What an irony- We keep looking for the secret knowledge all around. But, in my case, I found it inside.

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