Basic Course on Terminology for Beginners and Beyond A collection of blog posts on the basics of terminology and terminology management

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It’s been two years of writing on this blog and I figured it was time to bring the basics together in one place for ease of reference. So I gathered the most relevant posts to present them in the form of a basic course. You will also find this blog post as a new page under “Terminology 101” for future reference. And, of course, I will be adding information as this blog grows, so keep visiting!


An overview of the basic terminology and approaches used. But first, make sure you read about how to overcome Terminologiphobia!

What is Terminology? One of my first blog posts!

Terminology, Terminography, Lexicology, Lexicography. An overview of the differences and similarities.

The Science of Terminology. Is it really a science?

Terms used in Terminology: TermTerm, An Interactive Presentation.

The onomasiological and semasiological approaches. It’s easier to understand than to pronounce!

The Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches of Terminology (includes a chess analogy and a fun cartoon, just because studying terminology doesn’t have to be boring!)

Terminologization. De-terminologization. Re-terminologization. It seems that one of our favorite pastimes is changing the meaning of regular words to give them a new meaning.

Glossary, lexicon, thesaurus, nomenclature, Ontology, Taxonomy. How to tell them apart?


One of the first questions I asked myself when I learned about this profession: What does a terminologist do?

New role description for terminologists. An updated description.

The Terminologist Job Description. A collection of descriptions.

From Translator to Terminologist: Terminology as a Professional Career. Learn about how famous terminologists ended up loving this profession.

Famous Terminologists in History and Today (Who is Who in Terminology and Interviews)


There are terminologists and terminologists. Whether you work in small or large projects you need to know the fundamentals of it.

What is the difference between Terminologist and Terminology Project Manager?

Three skills you need to have as Terminology Project Manager.

Terminology Project Management: All the basics here!


Understanding how to deal with concepts is key to understanding terminology

The concept-oriented approach: It’s not about the terms!

Deconstructing designations: Term, Appelation, Symbol. You have to know this to understand the rest!

The Semantic Triangle: Words don’t mean, people mean. The most searched-for topic in my blog.

An overview of concept relationships and why they are important in Terminology – Part I,Part II, and Part III


The link between terms and concepts are definitions.

Writing your first terminological definition

How to handle definitions in termbase creation


It’s time to have fun with terminology work!

My termbase cheat sheet. A downloadable file on don’t and don’ts of termbases.

The Ins and Outs of Term Validation (a blog post reblogged by ATA’s blog “The Savvy Newcomer”).

What is granularity?

How to coin terms

Preferred, admitted and deprecated terms

Common Terminology Abbreviations and Acronyms

Language codes versus country codes. Which ones do you use for a termbase?

Tacking Terminology in a New Field: A practical case

Corporate Terminology Management

Searching the Internet: How much can you trust it?


As with anything you do in life, always make sure you understand the legal aspects of terminology work.

Product liability: Beware of how you handle your terms!

Copyright: Get it right! And Good Practices

Terminology Standards. If you work with clients, you need to know that standards are binding if you sign a contract saying that you are using them.


My collection of blog posts that talks about tools

A Terminologist’s ToolBox: My blog posts explaining in detail a few of the tools used by terminologists. All the goodies!


I came to know about corpus analysis tool last year and I got hooked! I now believe that it’s a must-have tool that will help you in your terminology work, maybe more than you think.

Readings, tools, and useful links for corpus analysis, how to use AntConc,


Learn how to prepare your business case

Calculating ROI and benefits

The business case


Because history and theory doesn’t have to be so hard to understand, I designed infographics and PowerPoint presentations to explain them.

The Father of Terminology: Eugene Wüster and his Terminology theory. A specialist turned terminologist, but also wore 11 different hats! (a biography and an infographic)

Terminology theory in easy-to-swallow pills (A PowerPoint presentation)

History of Terminology explained in three infographics: The birth of Terminology,Terminology From Toddler to Teen, Modern Terminology History.


Terminology is past, present, and future. And the future couldn’t look brighter!

Introducing Terminotics

The Future of Terminology in the Internet of Things

Linked Data: Connecting the Terminology Dots

Terminology and Crowdsourcing

Terminology: The bridge between worlds

Last but not least, a blog is born: An interview by TermCoord in which I talk about how this blog started. And let’s keep learning together about Terminology, use these Twitterhandles and hashtags to be connected and read about the latest Terminology news, articles and more in my Terminology Padlet (and share your own!). Visit my Delicious page for additional terminology resources and my Facebook page (because you just can’t get enough!)

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