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Hello, friend!

Hi! I'm Dmitry, and I'm the Founder and Senior Project Manager on The Open Mic. We have developed The Open Mic to help people like you connect with the best translators in the industry.

We launched The Open Mic in 2015 as a side project aimed at facilitating knowledge-sharing in the translation community. It has quickly turned into one of the largest online communities for translators on the web and even won an award as one of the best websites for translators.

But besides promoting knowledge-sharing and exchange of ideas within the translation community we also love helping people who're looking for professional freelance translators connect with the best experts in the industry.

You can either ask our team to help you find your perfect match or you can signup for a free account and browse through our directory and connect with translators directly.

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Questions? Let us help you!

Look, we understand that translation is a very complex process, that's why we'd love to help you! Just leave your name and email address and someone from our team we'll be happy to answer all of your translation-related questions!

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