Being economical with what you know- an incomprehensible story translators sharing knowledge

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    As a translator you are constantly aware of language gaps you need to fill. You are constantly reminded every time when words don’t come easy that you ought to refresh the contents of your brain, take a break, come back again to your text with more focus and stress reduced. Hopefully now you are going to work at it with more flair and ease. Breaks can sometimes bring you relief and contribute to persistence and a clearer vision. Even though translation is nothing like a physical type of work, it certainly is a demanding mental activity.  And if translators are aware of their certain weaknesses they would want urgently to minimize, they can still be considered authorities in other linguistic areas and prove their excellence.

    Translators sharing knowledge

    Speaking of myself, I know I would not hesitate to readily share a special kind of knowledge or at least aid in giving advice to someone who needs it and asks me for it. How it is when you sometime reach out to colleagues for a little help, you can read here: This is exactly the moment when you can show your expertise, demonstrate your aptitude and readiness to offer help. If you sincerely love what you’re doing and invest a lot of effort to make advances in your career, then it’s so natural that you will be happy to solve other people’s issues and problems the best you can, even if they had the same profession as you.

    It’s incomprehensible to me why someone would be reluctant to help if I asked a person who I presume excells at a different job profile than me. Hence there should be no restraint on that person’s part to share insights into his or her trade.

    Translators are defined by the way they apply the language they translate into. That language they are to know inside out.

    Hairdressers are defined by the way they do hair cuts. They know what hair style benefits their client’s face lines.

    Each of them wants to meet criteria- that of the given target language and criteria set by the client.


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