#BlabbingTranslators: On collaboration with colleagues feat @EmelineJamoul Show notes for Season 1, Episode 8

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    Hey guys!

    Elena and Emeline had a great blab a few weeks ago and we didn’t have the time to publish some show notes right away, so let me rectify this with this post. 🙂

    Emeline is a freelance translator working from English and Spanish into French. She specializes in marketing/business, health and creative texts. She is passionate about social media and meeting new colleagues.

    In this episode Emeline and Elena talk about the following topics:

    Collaboration with colleagues and networking

    • Online: Twitter, Facebook groups, through blog comments
    • Offline: through your national association, freelancer initiatives (events, training, lunches)
    • Mentoring schemes too!

    Why collaboration is important

    • Less isolation: other translators get you like no one else, they understand what you go through on a daily basis, and can relate. You also get a bigger picture of the industry you work in!
    • Stronger together! We are NOT enemies
    • Learning experience
    • Building a network
    • More chances of getting referred for a job
    • You can recommend other translators to your clients if need be
    • It’s a whole lot of fun 🙂

    … and much more!

    Listen to the audio:

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    Thank you so much for watching and see you guys next week!

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