Hazard Phrases For Translators (fun) The funny (risky?) side of translation

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    Hi everyone,

    As I was translating the safety instructions for a game the other day, I realised that there is a lot of “material” in those P and H etc. phrases that can resonate with translators. So, there I was drafting a Word doc with a few variations of the theme. Due to lack of time, I am not able to come up with more. The list could go on…

    (I have replaced H or P with T for translation)

    T302 Harmful if performed at more than 2500 (add yours) words daily

    T315 Causes brain irritation

    T410 Very toxic to personal life with long lasting effects.

    T273 Avoid divulgation of what you are translating to your surroundings.

    T280 Wear flexible/comfy clothing and if short-sighted adequate glasses because “hell” you will need them.

    T221: Take any precaution to avoid leaving the house with the above flexible/comfy clothing.

    T301+T312 IF TRANSLATED TOO MUCH: Call a COLLEAGUE, or go to sleep if you feel unwell. Induce collaboration only on recommendation.

    T370+376: In case of fire: Stop translating.

    T202: Do not translate until all context has been read and understood.

    That’s it for now.

    Magda Phili

    About Magda Phili

    Greek translator specialising in private and corporate law, health and transcreation.

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