How to publish blog content into 30 channels of social media at once!

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    Do you have a lot of blog posts that need to be shared with your audiences in your social media accounts?

    If so, how do you usually share your blog posts? Copying and pasting your link on each social media? What a time consuming! Why don’t you use simpler way: share your blog post at the same time you hit the “Publish” button? Is it possible? Yes, it is.

    If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then you can use a plugin called NextScript: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP).

    It is a very simple and useful plugin. After you configure it to be able to connect to your social media accounts, you are ready to publish and share your blog post. I believe that most of us are not really use 30 social media at once, but still, this awesome plugin will be really helpful to spread our blog contents to reach more readers.

    The more our contents are visible in different channels, the easier it will be found by potential readers. It means, that our services will be easier to be found too.

    And now, how do we install and use this plugin?

    It is very easy! Just log in to your WordPress dashboard, then go to Plugins – Add New. Search for this plugin name (NextScript: Social Networks Auto-Poster), then click Install Now. Don’t forget to click Activate so we can use this plugin.


    The next step is adding your social media accounts and configure them as needed by the plugin. The configuration process is quite time consuming, depending on the number of social media you want to connect. Please visit the following links for detailed configuration processes:

    To auto-post to Twitter, please read the manual here.

    To auto-post to Facebook, please read the manual here.

    To auto-post to LinkedIn, please read the manual here.

    To auto-post to Google+, please read the manual here.

    After configuring the channels, now you need to create a blog post. Once it is ready to be published, scroll down your WordPress screen. Under the text editor, you will find NextScript: Social Networks Auto-Poster Post Options. You can adjust them as needed. For example (Facebook configuration):


    Finally, click Publish to publish your content. This plugin can also be used when scheduling option is active.


    Note: This article was firstly published in bahasa Indonesia in my blog here.

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    5 thoughts on “How to publish blog content into 30 channels of social media at once!

    1. Yay, WordPress lifehacks FTW! Thanks for publishing, Khadis, I hope others will find it useful. Personally, I love reducing the number of WordPress plugins, that’s I handle this autoposting functionality via 3rd party services like IFFFT or Zapier.

      Ever WordPress blog has RSS and it’s very easy to setup simple recipes in IFFFT or zaps in Zapier to automatically tweet, post and share your article anywhere you like. 🙂

      Plus, it’s free, instant and it keeps your blog free from additional plugins 🙂

      1. Awesome! I am also still looking for a simpler way to post a blog post into various channels. I am glad you inform me about IFFFT and Zapier. I must try it 😀
        Many thanks.

      1. Hi, you are welcome 🙂
        BTW, the guide was provided by the SNAP’s author so I just followed the guide and re-post it 🙂

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