In-person events? Yes, please!

  • Greater than 2 minutes, my friend!

    Why should we and why are they so important?

    In-person events include family dinners, a friend’s birthday, your favourite band’s coming to town, a business meeting, international fair trades, and you name it. The more we attend and organise, the more people know about us.

    Why should we care?

    First because, as human beings, we have emotions, and like it or not, we need to share them. Second and speaking of marketing, if you do not share your product, you will not sell it. I’ll get back to this later on. Imagine you have some friends you haven’t seen for ages and want to meet them next month. What do you do? You call them, invite them and if they accept, you will be holding an event at your favourite restaurant or your house. That is how you hold a planned informal event.

    Business people also attend events with a common goal in view, which is to sell or buy their product. How do they do that? Check out my last article about attending international fair-trades as a freelancer, here.

    International business events generate new clients and retain the ones you have because it leads to business trust and self-confidence.

    Why does the event attendee generate more business confidence among his customers than the one who stays at home?

    While the home-stayer is happy with his clients and the amazing products he is selling since 15 years ago, the event attendee wants to market new products and to know about their last trends. The participant yearns to meet his clients, in person and to find out more about his business through attending talks, presentations and seminars. What can those talks be about? Those talks can be about how the last product can work in the present market, in which countries they could work, or even about why we should use it, instead of others. A real business opportunity.

    Before attending an industry event, be sure to have your business cards and brochures ready, because everyone you will be speaking to, is your potential client. Every single person can become your customer if you know how to present your product. You need to show them you are the top solution for their problem, and thus you have to know they have a problem or particular need beforehand. Be prepared.

    Which activities or events suit your business best?

    There are no particular rules, but in my case, since Blossom Translations® is specialised in the fresh produce industry, international fair-trades such as Fruit Logistica in Berlin or Fruit Attraction in Madrid are my chief targets.

    If you want to shine in your business events, you need marketing material, a spontaneous speech, a great mood, your best suit on and extreme willpower. You should also check the event’s agenda and choose the most interesting presentations. Then, if you want to meet new customers, you should ask them about their product. They will then want to know about yours, and something big may result from this interaction. A few negative responses should not get you down because that is life. So, be sure you set your goals beforehand, book your flight, your hotel and progress!

    Ana Lourenço

    About Ana Lourenço

    Founder of Blossom Translations. English, French and Spanish into Portuguese translator. Fresh Produce Business specialist. Helping small and medium-sized businesses reach wider target audiences.

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