Just write it. On the docility of rakes

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    A lot has been said about the importance of writing for translators. Which makes sense: After all, it‘s what we write that our work is judged by. So it’s only natural that many translators want to start a blog. But far fewer do.

    Why? Why don’t you?

    I can’t read your mind, so let me tell you why I didn’t:

    Because it was freaking frightening to come out in the open and divulge my thoughts — my self — to total strangers.

    “Will they find typos and say that I don‘t deserve to be called a translator?

    … Will my opinions make someone mad, and they will go all e-vendetta on me?

    … … Will I prove to know nothing about what I’m writing about?”

    These were just some of the things I feared could happen.

    And they did.

    I’ve been blogging actively for SmartCAT for just half a year, but I’ve already stepped on so many rakes, the poor thingies start fleeing at the mere sight of me (though, with our newsletter going out to thousands of people every week, they’re likely doomed).

    But guess what? I’m smiling.

    I’m smiling, because with every hate mail I receive I remember someone saying that my writing made them want to become a

    — Or made them become a better translator.

    —— Or just made them smile — smiles are like boomerangs, I guess.

    But the best takeaway comes from the inside. It’s the feeling of becoming a better writer with every word I type. I know I still suck at it — but, hey, I’ve got the whole life to practice, and some say soon we’ll stop dying at all.

    Now I also started this blog — partly to let out thoughts that don’t fit in the company blog, but mostly as a challenge to keep writing one article a day, every day.

    I don’t overthink the articles I post here. To be honest, I don’t even know what they will end up looking like when I’m starting them.

    The point is not to bring home a message. The point is to write.

    So don’t be afraid of rakes — they are not as painful as they seem.

    And don’t wait until that perfect moment comes for your first article.

    Just write it.

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    Vladimir Zakharov

    About Vladimir Zakharov

    A translator with 15 years of experience, now Head of Community at http://SmartCAT.ai — a platform that will change the translation industry and give the power back to translators.

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    1. That made me smile, but still, I don’t feel ready to write, for about each and every reason you mentioned above 🙂 I’ll keep reading, though!

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