How can I verify my identity on The Open Mic?

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Hi friend!

Identity verification is an optional process that is available for users with the following account types: Translators, Interpreters, Translators and Outsourcers, and Project Managers.

We have developed a simple process to help you add extra credibility to your profile.

To request verification simply go to your profile and click Request Verification.

identity verification on The Open Mic


We’ll send you a Private Message on The Open Mic with additional instructions within 24 hours.

Steps You’ll Need to Take to Complete Identity Verification

1) Make sure you profile is 100% complete. Edit you profile now and make sure you add as many details as possible. Pay special attention to these fields: Fields of Expertise, Source and Target Languages, Types of Services, Country, Contact Information, Rates, Education and Biography.

2) Once your profile is complete go to your account settings here and connect your Open Mic account with one of the available social networks.

Like this:

how social connect works on the open mic


Please note: the name and profile photo you use on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn should match with the name and photo you use on The Open Mic. This helps us verify your identity.

3) Reply to the Private Message we’ve sent you with a link to your profile and your full name. Or open a support ticket and our team will help you complete the identity verification process.

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