What does the experimental JavaScript field do?

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With the experimental JavaScript field you can expand the functionality of your Open Mic profile.

For example, you can easily add a real-time chat to your profile, so that you could talk to clients who’re browsing through your profile.

Or you can add an additional button that would allow your clients to schedule a phone conversation with you.

All of this is possible with the help of small code snippets provided by 3rd party services like Tawk, Calendly, Drift and many others.

These companies generate a few lines of JavaScript code for their customers that can be used anywhere on the web.

You can use this code on your personal website or you can use it in your Open Mic profile.

To do this simply copy-paste your JavaScript in the specified field in Step 12 when editing your profile.

Please note: Make sure you paste the code into the tab called Text and not Visual.

Here’s what it should look like.

where to paste javascript code on The Open Mic (find translators for your document, website, video game or app on The Open Mic theopenmic.co)

If you paste your code into the Visual tab it won’t work

We hope you’ll enjoy this fun experimental field and it will help you make your profile extra special.

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