Why did I get the “Oh no! Your clients can’t find you!” message?

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Seems like you got the “Oh no! Your clients can’t find you!” message.

There’s only one reason it might have happened – your profile is not complete.

You see, The Open Mic was designed as a community for professional translators and it has grown tremendously over the past year.

Quite naturally it now attracts clients of different caliber (plus we do everything possible to attract even more clients).

That’s why we have a very handy directory of professional translators.

Clients love it because it’s super simple, it looks gorgeous and it makes finding and contacting translators a breeze.

Problem is: your profile is missing some crucial information and as a result when clients are using our directory they cannot find you.

Of course, you can choose to ignore this, but we highly recommend you add the required information.

After all, we all want our clients to find us, right?

That’s why you gotta put in some work.

But don’t worry! Editing profile is fun and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Make sure you upload your profile picture

Don’t be a stranger!

When a potential client looks at your friendly smiling face it helps you build trust.

Yes, we all love being anonymous every now and then, but when it comes to building a professional community for translators and interpreters, having a profile picture can help you stand out and attract people to your profile.

Don’t forget to add these fields

Clients look at a variety of factors when searching for translators.

And they use different search parameters too.

Make sure you complete the following fields when editing your profile so that more people could find you.

  1. Your source language
  2. Your target language
  3. Your fields of expertise
  4. Your average translation rate (helps weed out low-paying clients)
  5. Years of experience
  6. Types of services that you provide (translation, localization, interpreting, etc.)
  7. Your biography (you can also use your bio section to communicate your values to potential clients)
  8. Your address so we could put your profile on our awesome global map.

Find translation clients on The Open Mic

Our global map makes it super easy for clients to find translators in a particular country or even city.

These are just a few fields that you can add when editing your profile.

Just click the button bellow and spend a few minutes to edit your profile.

Let’s make it super easy for your clients to find you and contact you on The Open Mic! It will be worth it, we promise! 😉

Edit your profile

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