How can I optimize my stories for search engines?

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Search Engine Optimization on The Open Mic

You’ll notice that The Open Mic has several fields for Search Engine Optimization aka SEO.

You don’t have to fill them out if you don’t want to, but I suggest you try them, as this can certainly improve the rankings of your story on Google.

Here’s a quick example how you can use it.

Let’s say, you’re writing a blog post called: “How to write a marketing plan for translators“.

This blog post describes the process of writing a marketing plan for translators: what is involved, best practices, do’s and don’ts, etc.

Here’s what you can do to improve your SEO.

  1. Pick a Focus Key Word or a Key Phrase. In your case, it could be “Marketing Plan For Translators
  2. Use this phrase in the Title and in the body of your story. Don’t overdo it, though. Use it with moderation, 7-8 times should be enough.
  3. Add this phrase to the dedicated field:
    Developer Diary 9 Writing Stories On The Open Mic Focus Keyword on The Open Mic (find translators on
  4. Fill out the Post Title and Post Description fields (don’t forget to use the Focus Key Phrase in them)
  5. Let The Open Mic handle the rest 🙂

The Open Mic is powered by the best search engine optimization algorithm from Yoast.

These guys are the leaders in their field and we’re super excited that we can use it to spread great ideas about the translation industry and improve the image of our profession.

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