How can I use The Open Mic to promote my services?

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The Open Mic was designed as an effort to build a next-generation translation community.

Our main focus is on design and functionality.

We really want to build the most beautiful and engaging community for translators.

And of course we want to attract clients too!

It kind of makes sense, right?

We have to leverage the power of our community in order to make The Open Mic the only place where people and companies can find and hire translators.

That’s why the best way to promote yourself is by actively participating in the life of our community.

Make sure you profile is 100% complete.

Upload a profile photo, complete the required fields.

Write a few words about yourself and what you do in your Biography section.

Share your knowledge by publishing stories on The Open Mic and by networking with your colleagues.

The Open Mic is the first fully functioning social network for translators where you can start a blog, have discussions and private conversations with your colleagues, follow other people and much more.

We believe that engagement and active participation is the best form of promotion.

We think that our top contributors would agree with that.

So go out there, explore all the features, read, write and share!

But more importantly: have fun!

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