Is this a job-bidding platform?

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Thank God it’s not!

We have plenty of platforms that foster price-based competition and making another one doesn’t feel right to us.

Instead of creating an environment where every job posting is nothing but a race to the bottom we want to help YOU be in charge.

The Open Mic offers flexible search options for end-clients that allow them to find translators based on the information you’ve provided in your profile.

Your ranking on the Translators Directory depends only on the feedback you receive from your clients.

Translators with a higher number of happy clients will rank higher and vice versa.

Simply put: if you did a great job, ask your client to leave you a 5-star review and a great testimonial. This will help you rank higher and would certainly attract​ new clients!

Bottom line: a detailed profile with great testimonials and ​a nice profile/cover photo will attract more clients.

Just like many freelance professionals out there we believe that the idea of reverse auction and job-bidding is extremely outdated and hurting our profession.

We believe that there’s a need for a new community that creates equal opportunities for all freelance translators thanks to a more sustainable and thoughtful process of finding translators.

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