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The Open Mic is the first blogging platform and professional community for translators and interpreters.

The Open Mic was created in an effort to promote knowledge-sharing and build a new-generation translation community that emphasizes the skills of its members.

This is a community-driven project where any translator or interpreter can contribute to the promotion of the image of our profession, by sharing stories and publishing blog posts.

The Open Mic also allows you to create stunning profiles that look modern and professional and help attract new clients.

The members of The Open Mic community can send each other private messages, publish updates on personal wall, follow each other and publish new blog posts.

All members are also listed on public directory (this can be changed in privacy settings) where potential clients can find and contact them.

The Open Mic is absolutely free for anyone to join. We don’t have any paid memberships and we don’t believe in creating paywalls.

To learn more about The Open Mic check out our About Us page.

Feel free to create your free account.

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