Who designed The Open Mic?

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The Open Mic was designed by Dmitry Kornyukhov.

You might know him from his blog: Best Russian Translator.

Everything you see here, every single element, every feature, every word was written by me, I mean him, I mean… (jeez, sometimes it’s really hard to figure out whether I should talk from the first-person or The Open Mic perspective). 🙂

The point is: I FREAKING LOVE this profession and I genuinely want to improve it.

Right now The Open Mic is a team of 1, but if you want to get involved in the development process you can check out our Trello board for updates on the development process, new ideas and suggestions.

I really encourage you to share any ideas and suggestions on our Trello board.

It is important that we work together on building this amazing community.

Your active participation and involvement is what makes The Open Mic so unique and different from any other platform for translators.

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