Why would I want to publish stories on The Open Mic?

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The Open Mic is the first blogging platform for translators.

Storytelling and knowledge-sharing are the central pillars of this amazing platform.

The idea is pretty simple: to share your knowledge, experience, stories, thoughts, and ideas and help us shape up the future of translation industry.

And it’s not just for experienced bloggers, you know.

Anyone can be a writer on The Open Mic.

In fact, we encourage every single translator out there to share something on The Open Mic.

Because every single idea, every single thought or observation matters.

Knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas will help us #ShapeUpTheFuture of this industryClick To Tweet

The Open Mic gives you the power to speak and be heard.

The power to share something valuable, something that can change other people’s lives.

Something that will help us make this industry a little bit better.

We're not competitors. We're colleagues and we should be the ones setting trends in this industryClick To Tweet

And you can do this with The Open Mic.

You can write and share stories that will resonate with thousands of translators from all over the world.

The Open Mic aims at building a unique knowledge temple.

A place where every single translator is welcome.

If you’re just in the beginning of your journey, you’ll be able to learn a lot about this industry on The Open Mic.

And if you’re a seasoned translator, you can give back to this industry by sharing your stories, sharing your ideas and experience.

It’s ambitious goal indeed.

But we believe in this project, and more importantly, we believe in you.

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