Will The Open Mic help me improve my online visibility?

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​You know, that’s a very tricky question.

We think the best answer is that you’re the only one who can improve your online visibility and there are no platforms on the web that will turn you into a translation superstar.

Everything you do online requires some effort and The Open Mic is not an exception.

The good news is The Open Mic offers some pretty cool​ features that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

It’s main focus is on you and your content, by sharing great ideas about translation industry you can improve your online authority and attract new clients.

Your Open Mic profile can also attract people if you put a little bit of time and effort into it (don’t worry, I made it super easy and intuitive).

Plus you can invite your existing clients to rate you on The Open Mic which in turn improves your ranking and overall online image.

It’s the combination of those factors that can make it work for you.​

Build a great profile, share great content, ask for testimonials and we’re sure The Open Mic will definitely help you improve your online visibility, find new client and build a business.

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