On game localization and local communities feat. Sheila Gomes Blabbing Translators: Season 1, Episode 3

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This episode was a special one, because YOU helped us choose it’s topic. The things is, that our guest was Sheila Gomes, an OmegaT advocate and trainer; a member of the steering committee of IGDA LocSIG; a local community and networking organizer; and a team member of Multitude, an information portal in PT-BR for brazilian translators and interpreters.

As you see, Sheila has a lot to share, so we decided to ask you for help. Thanks again to everyone who took part in the survey!

We were talking about game localization and the creation of local communities for translators and interpreters.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Where to find jobs in game localization
  • What problems translators face during the process localization and what developers need to do to solve them
  • What you should do if you’re a translation student who wants to build career in localization
  • How a monthly event for translators and interpreters is evolving into a regional Translators Association

…and much more!

Listen to the audio:

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Watch the video:

LocJAM — game localization international contest

IGDA LocSIG FB group — great discussions and news articles

IGDA LocSIG site — reference materials, interviews and news

Curitiba T&I group — meet-up calendar, projects, articles and our group photos

Multitude, Sheila’s site, the projects section — you’ll also find CPD videos, articles and events calendar in other sections

Video Game Translation in 2016 — a post on Triston Goodwin’s blog

Other FB groups with good communities (PT-BR):


Professional Development

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4 thoughts on “On game localization and local communities feat. Sheila Gomes Blabbing Translators: Season 1, Episode 3

  1. this video was so interesting guys! Thanks so much! As a gaming localizator I couldn’t agree more about everything that was discussed here and I also learnt a couple of new things. Keep it up guys! Amazing job!

    1. Thank you so much, Francesca! Yes, that was one my favorite episodes as well. Hopefully we’ll have more chances to talk about localization in the upcoming episodes.

  2. This was a very nice conversation you had there! It inspired me to a couple of new things, thanks to TOM for hosting, and Sheila for her insights! Very enjoyable.

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