On translator conferences feat. Caterina Saccani Blabbing Translators: Season 1, Episode 7

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Welcome to Season 1, Episode 7 of the Blabbing Translators show!

This time our guest was Caterina Saccani and we were discussing going to translator conferences. Caterina is a German and English to Italian Conference Interpreter and Translator, specializing in Marketing copy, PR and law. She was born and raised in Northern Italy and now lives in Aachen, Germany. She’s a passionate networker who enjoys attending local and international translator events. She also organizes local translator gatherings on a regular basis.

Caterina shared her experience and some useful tips for those who think of going to a conference.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What benefits you get attending a conference while still at the university
  • What different conference formats there are and what advantages each of them has
  • What doing a presentation at a conference can give you
  • How can you combine going to a conference with a vacation

…and much more!

Listen to the audio:

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Watch the video:

Caterina’s website

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