Productivity, Time, Money and Opportunity Personalized Machine Translation Boosts Productivity

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    Customers and contacts have asked me, “You’re quiet. Where have you been?” I was pleasantly surprised they noticed. I’m back! And I’m sharing what I learned from Slate Desktop customers this year… Productivity, Time, Money and Opportunity is the first in a 6-part series.

    In September 2015, I launched an Indiegogo Campaign and made an outrageously bold declaration: “Personalized machine translation will change your life.”

    Here I am, just 3 years later, to tell you that today things have changed. Today… two machine translation “camps” are vying for your attention.

    • One camp is busy complaining about downward price pressures from post-editing poor quality machine translation.
    • The other is busy boasting about their machine translation technology… escalating the hype that they have the latest and greatest since sliced bread.

    And the sad part? Most of what you’re being told… the one-upsmanship from both camps about machine translation… and about post-editing… is flat out wrong.

    While these two camps have been vying for your attention with hype and vitriol, I’ve been hard at work… quietly perfecting personalized machine translation… so my customers experience the best value ever!

    Best Value Ever

    I’m here to tell you… personalized machine translation:

    • that’s customized to your personal preferences
    • that’s running on your personal computer
    • that’s delivering quality your way

    outperforms ALL OTHER run-of-the-mill machine translation… PERIOD!

    Personalized machine translation boosts your productivity! – If you know what you’re doing.

    Emotion-Driven Claims

    Yet… all anyone does is bash machine translation:

    • machines can’t convey emotions…
    • machines translate words not ideas…
      not to mention this
    • machines will never be as good human translators…

    Or… they hype baseless claims about their latest and greatest so-called technical advances:

    • Our machine translation works like a human brain!
    • Our machine translation achieved human parity!
    • Our machine translation lowers your costs!
      and how about this
    • Machine translation post-editing is the wave of the future!!!

    Listen, no matter what you believe about the value of machine translation for your business… personalized machine translation boosts productivity… if you know what you’re doing… and I’ve got the numbers from your colleagues to prove it (I’ll get to that)…

    Achieve Your Dream

    But why am I so focused on productivity? Because productivity gives you time and the opportunity to achieve your dreams.

    • For some, more fee time is an opportunity to serve customers…
    • For others, its a chance to make more money… time is money…
    • For others, more free time means quality leisure, travel or family time.

    Whatever your dream, productivity gives you time and the opportunity to achieve it.

    We all have different dreams… and it’s safe to say that we don’t dream about more stress… It’s safe to say, our dreams are about a better quality of life. So, higher productivity never adds stress… if it’s done right.

    What’s Missing?

    For this kind of productivity, you need two important pieces of information. They could be the “missing pieces” you’ve been needing to finally get your translation business to the next level

    1. How to boost your productivity using personalized machine translation.
    2. Which tools to use that enable you to:
      • enjoy more free time…
      • deliver the best quality…
      • protect your privacy.

    This is the first of a 6-part series:

    1. Productivity, Time, Money and Opportunity (this introduction)
    2. Transforming Your Career
    3. Time Is Money – or…
    4. The Dirty Little Secret
    5. Six Steps To Productivity
    6. Questions & Answers

    In Part 2, I’ll share one of our customer’s experiences. How she went from:

    • A prisoner at her keyboard…
    • delivering projects late…
    • stressed out for fear of losing her customers
    • worrying about the project…

    to her new professional life…

    • finishing her projects ahead of schedule
    • experiencing customer gratitude for delivering on time
    • happy anticipation of the next project…

    with nothing but personalized machine translation and her CAT tool!

    Her experiences mirror other customers, just like you, who have achieved these results in their businesses… creating a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

    Tom Hoar

    About Tom Hoar

    Language technology veteran serving translation professionals for 30 years with technologies that augment translators from IBM Selectric II typewriters to dictation and translation software.

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