How my September on Twitter changed my freelancing business Reflection on my Twitter makeover and marketing plan

Greater than 3 minutes, my friend!

Even though September was a very long month (at least for me), it turned my game around in a good sense. It all started on August 10 when I attended the free webinar titled “Simplify your marketing” by Tess Whitty who is an amazing translator and marketer.

I decided to take my freelancing business seriously after that webinar and I was full of ideas and energy. So, I followed the planning sheet she shared in the webinar and since Twitter is very active platform in Saudi Arabia, I decided that my plan for September will be “a makeover for my Twitter account”. Here is a simple outline for my plan:

Content Marketing

My first step was to start tweeting about translation and get more engaged during August. Toward the end of the August, I attended a workshop about literary translation for 3 days with Mohammed Aldhaba (who is an amazing literary translator and has more than 5 books). That was a great translation event to tweet about and share some of the useful resources and points mentioned. During that week, I gained more than 30 followers.

Moving on to the end of September, I tried to tweet at least two times a day. I mixed between topics such as CAT tools, freelancing as a translator, useful webinars and platforms for translators. Moreover, I replied to others, liked and retweeted their content. In my opinion, content marketing is an on-going step that should involve at least one hour of planning every day.


For my header, I asked a team of designers who happen to be my friends to design the header for me. I was ready to pay money in return but they preferred to do it in exchange for my translation services. I received my designed header on the 14th of September and I updated my profile.

My header on Twitter

Profile Picture

I used to have a meaningless profile picture and I knew that it is time to get a face for my name. Since my best friend Manal has a professional camera and she is great in photography I asked her a favor to take my picture (isn’t that what friends are for? lol). Lucky me, I got my pictures in less than 30 minutes plus some edits later. By September 19, I had my profile picture edited and ready to be used.


Moreover, I decided to rewrite my bio on Twitter so I used Fiverr website and I worked with Authoreva (who is an Editor, Poet, Health Enthusiast, & Writer with a B.A. in English). That cost me 6$ only and I was satisfied with the work she did.

Results and Reflections

Even though my first plan was not perfect in terms of timing and I could not have my profile ready by September 1 or at least all at once, the results were AMAZING. Some of the things I have learned and accomplished are:

1) I learned so much about Twitter (using ads, analytics features, and using hashtags popular in my market), worked with people and friends, and was introduced to an amazing Twitter community.

2) I learned how to get followers and create content. During September, I gained 261 new followers, 7,564 profile visits, 124 mentions, and 198K impression. All of this was gained by 106 tweets which took some planning and organization. I used to wake up and my Twitter has 0 notification. Now, I wake up with more than 20 of them besides the direct messages and questions.

September activity fro my account

3) I gained new clients through Twitter. I made two new clients, not much, right? Yes, that is true but these clients offered me projects to join. Moreover, if one month can help me to work with 2 new clients, this means 24 clients a year. As a freelance translator, this is the main goal.

4) I learned the value of reflection by using the Twitter analytics tool, writing this article, and recording my evaluation on the planning sheet.

To sum up, choose the right platform for you and your clients and BE ACTIVE. Planning, doing one step at a time, and making the time for your account and business, in general, is worthy and will pay off sooner or later.

Next month, it is the LinkedIn month for me and I am super excited to see how that will pay off. Stay tuned.

Fadwa Mohammed

About Fadwa Mohammed

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4 thoughts on “How my September on Twitter changed my freelancing business Reflection on my Twitter makeover and marketing plan

  1. Congrats too. I am also on Twitter, but your one month of intensive work really is sth to brag about. I don’t have that much activity with mine, although i try to twee at least once a day. maybe the problem is that I’m interested in many things, so i dont get recognized only as a translator.

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    1. Thanks, Mariann but I think being interested in many things can work for you. To tweet once a day is too little, I think. This means that people will check there Twitter many times during the day but your tweet is not there as many as needed.
      You just inspired me to write another article about how to engage on Twitter (personal tricks that worked for me). SO please stay tuned.

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