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    HAPPY 🙂

    It is amazing how two words that mean so much can seem so little. If I could show you how much your presence in my life means to me, the simple phrase of ‘thank you’ would pale and diminish in the sheer enormity of the gratitude I owe. (


    This is a letter of gratefulness to all who shared and will share my paths till here and beyond. Who? You! Yes you! Leonard Cohen said: There is a crack in everything; that is how the light gets in. You are the light, which brightens my days. I feel uplifted and blessed when I read your lovely comments, your advices, the outstanding posts you share, and how you improve yourself day by day. You are so inspiring to me, and such wonderful examples to follow. Thank you for taking the time to write them. Each of you is so gifted. Thanks so much for existing, you are so precious. We all have in common the desire to be happy, not only on Christmas when our family comes together, but all single days of our lives. Yes, I know, there are lots of family members living abroad, far away from us, but do you guess what? They are in our hearts. They are loved, and they know.

    This year was amazing to me. Like all of you I struggled, failed and stood up again, but I also had a wonderful time. Lots of issues have been learned and others just had to be enjoyed. The most crazy and outstanding moment of this year was, as I was preparing my presentation. My son entered several times in my study room (the kitchen) to tell me that I didn’t need to learn my essay presentation by heart: Mami, you were the one who wrote this dissertation, you know more about the issue than the court who has to evaluate you. So, please, don’t stress, just enjoy. I tried, but failed. The day of my presentation I was soo nervous, my belly hurt and my thoughts where a chaos. There was so much to win, so much to loose, so many years of study and work at the same time! I was the last one who entered the room to defend the bachelor essay. Some of my colleagues left the presentation room with tears of relief, and told me how much the court criticized their work, but at the same time they were so happy they finished their studies.

    As it was my turn to enter the room, I didn’t even know where to plug on the pen drive for the presentation. Then I remembered my son’s words, took a deep breath and started. It was a very interesting experience, as I didn’t speak all I wanted to say, I just had forgotten most parts of my presentation. The court told me they where impressed by the chosen theme and the documentation research and suggested to edit my essay for publication. I was paff. When I left the room, I felt surrounded by pink cotton clouds. My brain was in full swing and the only I could realise was that I just finished my bachelor. Wow! Was this real or was I dreaming? Suddenly I realised that this was the end of a dream. The end? The dream has come true. How great is that? Was it the end? No. It is the beginning of a “professional language love affair in translation”, which needs to be built up day by day as other relationships do.

    My lovely friend was waiting for me outside. She was so excited to share this happiness with me and we both cried as we embraced each other. What a great gift it is to count on friends and to have such wonderful colleagues at work, to be loved and to love every day of our lives. Over the years, there is always a great deal of time that passes between the times we talk or get together, but it never ceases to amaze me that when we see one another it feels like absolutely no time has passed at all! Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.

    Thank you for this amazing time together. Now, take time during the rush of the holidays to enjoy the things in life that really matter. Take in the serene moments spend with friends and loved ones, and may the wonder of Christmas surround you throughout the holiday season. My best wishes for a wonderful new year to come.

    Thanks so much for being there, dear friends. You all are such amazing people!

    Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

    About Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

    Double BA Translator & Interpreter. Linguistic & Intercultural Mediator. Certified Nurse Assistant at surgery theater. Diplomiert in Handel- und Wirtschaft.

    2 thoughts on “THANK YOU :)

    1. Thank YOU, Marie! For playing such a big role in the life of our little community! Thank you for sharing all your stories and inspiration with us. I’m really happy you defended you dissertation. Think next year will be nothing, but amazing for you and your family and the entire Open Mic community. Happy holiday!

    2. Thanks, Marie-Claire, for this sweet post! I could feel your happiness and warmth as I read it. Just another element to make this day even more enjoyable to me. I have the same feeling of appreciation for the incredible colleagues in our field and for experiences like this one we are being able to have like Open Mic. And congratulations on your dissertation. 🙂
      Happy holidays!

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