The Buddhified Bussiness |6| On growing from a Jack of all trades to an Ace up your client's sleeve.

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    The path to working at full capacity, enjoying every minute and earning what you are worth?

    Don’t be a Jack of all trades. Instead, set out to become an ace up your client’s sleeve.

    Realize that the bigger the net, the more potential clients will get the “could fit” vibe. Sadly, this vibe does not sell to the kind of customers that haunt your dreams. That’s right; I am talking about your dream clients.

    Self-marketing, building your reputation, getting your brand out there only gets you so far if your potential business partner feels underwhelmed with your pitch. You haven’t even sent them a pitch? Well, what do you think your website, your social media profiles, your blog, your contribution to the Open Mic is?

    That’s right: you (should) do all that to weave a network, to strengthen your core, to gain visibility and in the end catch the eye of your perfect clients.
    Needless to say, you want them to see, read, hear, find you and go “PERFECT.”

    I suggest narrowing your area of specialization to your area of expertise to your area of brilliance to your pinpoint of diamond service.
    For me, that’s proofreading/editing and creating/translating/localizing career and marketing documents.
    I will tell you this: it took years and tons of CPD and thousands of hours in the office for me to find my personal bubble of bliss.
    It went something like “hey, I wish every job entailed proofreading” or “man, why can’t I just do THIS all day?”
    Then when I realized the projects where clients are truly over the moon excited with the solutions I provide include the specific services I dream about doing every day, all day, it hit me: YES, I CAN.

    I myself am happily chopping of here and there and everywhere.

    It’s fudging scary when you think about all the jobs you are excellent but not perfect for that will go elsewhere.
    It gets easier with every fantastic client or colleague I get to work with, though.

    This morning, in a Facebook group, someone hinted that listing the peers I did work for in line with my other clients might be less than ideal. I reflected on that and realized: for me, it’s perfect. Colleagues are among my favorite business partners.

    Working for someone who knows their stuff and to have them appreciate my contribution, better yet officially pat me on the back for a job well done: my favorite thing in the (business)world.

    So, I guess I instinctively narrowed my field of dream clients, too: I love working with career people, freelancers, entrepreneurs or business start-ups, people burning bright for their vision, living their dream.

    What is your pinpoint of outstanding performance?
    If you could specialize in doing one thing, all day, what would it be?
    How do you market it?

    Nicole König

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