Time Is Money, or… Your "why" guides you when all else fails.

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    I’ve received an incredible outpouring of feedback from the second article, Transforming Your Career. Catalina’s experience seems to have touched a nerve in our community conscientiousness. If you missed that experience, there’s a link at the end to that article, Transforming Your Career. For now, let’s continue with this, the third article in my series about Productivity, Time, Money and Opportunity. I call this Time Is Money, or… Why are you doing this anyway?

    I created Slate Desktop personalized machine translation. I’ve taught translators and agencies how to use it… how to apply some simple principles… to get amazing results. Over the last three years, the world has been “terrified, mortified, petrifiedstupefied” by the hype surrounding neural machine translation (quote from Sylvia Nasar’s John Nash in A Beautiful Mind). Meanwhile… I quietly withdrew from public view… I continued perfecting personalized machine translation, testing new techniques for nearly every market, niche and business…

    Shortly after launching in 2016, dozens of translators were using personalized machine translation… I’ve added countless features… fixed my share of bugs… with the sole purpose to help translators like you increase productivity… to make more money.

    Unbelievable features

    • Expanded to support 33 languages
    • Added support for 5 CAT tools
    • Added advanced terminology support…
    • Created bi packages …

    … all to fulfill the proverb time is money … to give you more time … and turn it into freedom … freedom to fulfill your dreams….

    Reliable Value

    And personalized machine translation continues to deliver value… While many machine translation service providers have come and gone since our launch… While machine translation service providers claim to have “the next big thing” in machine translation… then… poof!… you blink… and the next thing you know, they’re gone.

    While others abandon one technology… disappointed in failures of their business performance to their investors… only to they move on … to leapfrog… to the newest, so-called greatest technology… all-the-while promoting the same-ol’ misleading hype… During all that time… I’ve continued quietly… refining and improving personalized machine translation.

    I’ve been working with personalized machine translation … serving customers… delivering great products… since 2010. I won’t be moving on anytime soon. Through all the changes… all the objections… all the criticism… and all the obstacles… personalized machine translation is still doing what it does best:

    Return on investment

    • helping you work smarter not harder…
    • delivering quality your way
    • protecting your competitive edge and your customers’ confidentiality
    • paying for itself within weeks of purchase.

    Unique Blend of Technologies

    You see, this isn’t “machine translation” PERIOD.

    Personalized machine translation is business productivity… proven… tested… tried… and true. It’s a unique blend of:

    • mature artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies…
    • the world’s most popular business productivity platforms

    … to deliver high-demand, fast turnaround, real results in:

    • pharmaceutical & medical
    • consumer goods
    • manufacturing
    • financial reports
    • business letters
    • patents
    • information technology
    • and more…

    That’s why I want personalized machine translation in the hands of motivated, forward-thinking translators and agencies who are ready for it… That’s why I’m weeding out those who aren’t ready… those who want to continue complaining… with everyone else… about machine translation. Because the truth is, when crowds starts running in one direction… it’s best simply to turn around quietly and go the other way.

    I wasn’t having a lot success with post-editing machine translation. It was a lot of work at very low rates. I was concerned about Slate ’s price. It’s a decent amount of change. But I so-got my money’s worth. It paid for itself by the end of my first month. — Katherine M. (France, FR-EN)

    That’s why before I dig into all six steps that make personalized machine translation work to increase your productivity, I want you to tell me something… When it comes to achieving your dreams…

    • What is your biggest struggle?
    • What’s holding you back?
    • What’s keeping you from the lifestyle you want for yourself, your family and friends?

    What’s holding you back?

    You might be wondering, “Why is that any of your business?” Well, I’m asking for a simple reason… I’ve been there. I’ve been right where you are right now… wondering if this personalized machine translation stuff is all worth it, wondering if personalized machine translation will ever ‘click’…

    Working smarter…

    And I bet you’re feeling the same things I did… the same feelings so many of our successful customers have already felt…

    They say time is money… but that’s your choice. In truth… time is your dream… So, if I know your dreams, I can help get you over those hurdles… moving closer to your dreams, working smarter, serving customers and delivering quality that you can be proud of… all the while, it pays for itself as you work… So, you become more productive without sacrificing anything… without breaking a sweat.

    While you take a minute or two to share what’s holding you back from your dreams… here in this article… I’ll share the first of six steps that make personalized machine translation work. So, regardless of which software or platform for personalized machine translation you choose, you’ll find this first step dramatically increases your productivity… gives you more time… and helps you fulfills your dreams.

    STEP 1 – Organize Your Translation Memories

    Your translation memories are the heart and soul of your success with personalized machine translation. They are a vessel that holds your knowledge… your style… your vocabulary… your terminology choices… your expertise spanning two languages.

    I’m not talking about the translation memories you have collected from others. When I say “your translation memories,” I mean those that hold segments that you personally translated. After all… all personalized machine translation platforms and software rely on your work… the segments you created… to learn and replicate your preferences.

    user-friendly application

    Organizing your translation memories… imparts your knowledge… your style… to personalized machine translation. So… when you post-edit personalized machine translation, you work with your words and your knowledge in your style.

    The organizing process also prepares the personalized machine translation to learn your work and adapt to it (but that’s Step 6 and we’re on Step 1).

    Organizing your translation memories is like a librarian organizing books in the library’s collection. It creates a structure to retrieve what you know, and a place to save the new knowledge and style from your new work.

    This organization and structure is why personalized machine translation performs better than run-of-the-mill machine translation… Let’s face it.. With organization, the technology doesn’t stumble over the countless irrelevant library books to find the information it needs… the information relevant to the work at hand.

    • The accuracy is astounding.
    • The stylistic choices feel like yours.

    But, you might be thinking…

    I don’t have the skills to make a personalized
    machine translation system. — That little voice in your head

    You might have heard… that it’s craze complicated to make a machine translation system… that only experts can do this work…. and that machine translation has to be online in the cloud

    The truth is… and I’m sorry, but I have to be blunt… but that’s absolute bull shit! It’s just a way the experts to discourage translators from learning… to protect their importance… and to steer unsuspecting translators and agencies to their expensive online subscription services…

    Coming up…

    So, if you want to know how to replicate Catalina’s success for your own translation businesses.. if you, too, suffer from tight turnarounds… if you, too, work weekends to keep up… Follow my series as we explore six steps to productivity with personalized machine translation.

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    If you missed Part 2, click here — see how personalized machine translation transformed Catalina’s career as a professional translator… from non-stop stress missing deadlines to calm assurance delivering his projects ahead of schedule.

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