Translation Conferences 2017 Check all known translation conferences to happen in the new year

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    Translation Conferences are great opportunities to learn, to network and to have fun. Furthermore they offer a chance to visit another country and to get to know different cultures and industry professionals. Although translation conferences can be exhausting, they are in the end very rewarding as you learn new perspectives, techniques and colleagues.
    After the highly successful 2016 overview I herewith present the translation conferences 2017 overview, ordered by month.
    Just drop your comments below or at my website and I will add the conference in 2017 to this overview.

    Note: Due to some technical limitations the interactive overview cannot be displayed at TOM. Please check all details at or click at the image below to get there.

    Please note: the overview below is an image of the actual overview. Please visit the Translation Conferences 2017 page for the newest information.

    Translation Conferences 2017 - Overview by Pieter Beens

    Pieter Beens

    About Pieter Beens

    Freelance translator English-Dutch. Works for high-profile clients worldwide. Professional. Punctual. Passionate.

    4 thoughts on “Translation Conferences 2017

    1. Dear Pieter, we would like to ask you to add our conference:
      (II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Multidimensional Translation: From Science to Art”)
      20-22 April, 2017, Riga, Latvia
      Thank you!

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