Translation Conferences 2019

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Since a couple of years ago I publish an overview of translation conferences in the upcoming year. This year I proudly present to you the translation conferences 2019 edition – made possible by hundreds of volunteers who dedicate a huge amount of time to organize the best translation conferences in the world. This translation conferences overview is only a non-exhaustive list, meant to help you find a translation conference in your neighbourhood (or somewhat further away if you love to travel).

Why should you attend a translation conference in 2019?

The job of translators is highly interesting, but a bit lonely. Attending a translation conference might help you to learn new things and to connect to colleagues in real life. Most of the conferences are not free, but they are highly rewarding. And in some cases you can earn PE points as well!
I wrote some useful tips for attending translation conferences here.

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Translation conferences in 2019

Please note: this overview is not dynamic and serves only for information. Please visit the original website to benefit in full from the translation conference 2019 overview.

Translation Conferences 2019

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