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Over the past couple of years, the terms ‘blockchain industry’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ has been rapidly gaining the public eye. As not a “tech type of person,” you might be more familiar with terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Kolion. These are all cryptocurrencies, basically, digital money. As a “tech type of person,” you might already be aware that there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 11 July 2017 and growing as new cryptocurrency can be created any time. And, finally, as a cryptocurrency owner, you should have already realized that supporting your business in various languages or, in other words, investing in translation and localization can turn out to be of crucial importance.

How To Promote Your Cryptocurrency

Let’s assume you own one of the 900 cryptocurrencies available. Now, let us tell you that your cryptocurrency only has value if the platform you have created has value to the various stakeholders involved and that you will only get stakeholders or users through right promotion.

It is quite a naive assumption for any type of professional involved in cryptocurrency business to think that the digital currency is going to promote itself.

Back in 2009, when Satosho Nakamoto, the unknown programmer, or the group of programmers, invented Bitcoin, the largest blockchain network today, he was brilliant and very lucky, as the market timing was impeccable. However, you no longer have any of these things going for you. In fact, you must punch open a window of opportunity. So, the question is: how exactly?

Well, the usual hacks are:

  1. Create pitchy, catchy, and crystal clear content.
  2. Share that content on social media to build your brand.
  3. Use that content to connect with key influencers in the blockchain industry.
  4. Speak at conferences.

As you can already tell, it is all about building thought leadership in the industry; however, without any money to spend to hire the right professionals, coming up with the right, engaging content will be quite daunting and will literally take forever.

Now, How Exactly Can Translation Services Help?

Blockchain industry has no geographical limits. There are hundreds of options to buy cryptocurrencies online or around the world instantly. To make the above mentioned hundreds of options work for you as a cryptocurrency owner, you need to make it easy for stakeholders to find your brand by investing in translation and localization services.

To make things sound clearer for you, if you want your cryptocurrency to be successful, it needs to have content that has appeal on a worldwide scale without making any country feel alienated or disconnected. One of the most important steps in achieving this is translating and localizing your pitchy, catchy, and crystal clear content into various languages.

There are many reasons why professional translation and localization services are of crucial importance for blockchain industry:

  1. Global Connection: Your cryptocurrency can be available to every country in the world; however, there will be little point if the majority of the population of those countries can’t read and understand your content. Few individuals will want to buy digital money from a platform that is not written in a language that they understand. So, content translation and localization will hook in more visitors from other countries, keep them browsing longer, and may prompt them to buy cryptocurrencies invented by you.
  2. Respect: If you are going to have a globally available platform marketed to other countries, it will be disrespectful to not offer your content in their native languages. Translating and localizing your content to the languages used in the countries where you are offering your cryptocurrency seems more respectful and is more professional. This not only makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone involved, but it may also generate more business.
  3. The Power of Persuasion: The blockchain industry is relatively new. A lot of individuals still try to decide whether they want to invest, or not. Knowing this, you should also bear in mind that persuasive language and convincing points are of vital importance when it comes to attracting business; however, these crucial aspects of your content will easily be lost to an individual who neither speaks nor understands the language that you are using. Translating and localizing your content will allow more individuals in other countries to understand the persuasive language and convincing points of your content, which may hook in more business.
  4. SEO Content: SEO is an important aspect of many websites. While your content may be written for SEO purposes in your country, it may not be the same way in other countries. Other countries tend to have different keywords when using search engines and your keywords might not match theirs. So, translating and localizing your content as well as doing SEO research on several other countries that your service is available in can increase your global web traffic and increase business substantially.
  5. Competition: In this fast growing blockchain industry the competition is huge, and sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to figure out how to get an edge over your main competitors. Translated and localized content can give your cryptocurrency brand the edge that it needs to win out over the competition.
Ievgeniia Gres

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5 thoughts on “Translation for Blockchain Industry Taking Cryptocurrencies Global

  1. Great article, Ievgeniia and lots of solid advice! What do you think the future of cryptocurrency look like for the Russian market? It seems to me that our current government is not very found of these trends because they can’t control nor regulate them.

    Do you think the Russian segment of cryptocurrency users will grow? I ask because I haven’t followed the development of Blockchain much, so I’m trying to catch up 🙂

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  2. Thanks for your support, Dmitry!

    As to your questions.
    So far, there are some examples of successful implementation of cryptocurrencies in everyday life — read about Switzerland and Japan. Will Russia join these countries? Will see how it goes…
    According to the latest news, Mr. Putin expressed his interest in the digital economy, and even Russian Central Bank has already presented a pilot blockchain-based project for online payments. Their government is now working on legislation that would allow making cryptocurrencies a legal instrument for financial transactions as early as in 2018. But will this legislation protect from money laundering? What do you think?

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    1. “But will this legislation protect from money laundering? What do you think?” – well, when it comes to Russian government, it’s really hard to tell. Even though I live in Canada, I try to keep my hand on the pulse of Russia’s politics and economics. From what I can see from abroad, technology development and the support of small business is not on their agenda. But, I guess we need to use the “wait and see” approach. Plus, presidential elections are not that far away.

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