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As I told you, I’m an oldie and I remember that during Internet Stone Age our presence was not a must, even that, I created a simple page uploaded at a free server called Geocities. My mind was to increase my presence “there” and I started to have my own website. The first problem I met was the domain name, in other words my “brand”, I could call it hsupalombini but this domain I used for personal purposes and means nothing about translation. Then I invented a word “TRADUZIONA” that also means nothing in no language but for latin people gives the idea of translation……… working languages are Italian and Spanish. Well I got a name, next step was to choose a logo………….wow that was really difficult. How could I show graphically my skills? In those days (90’s) I loved to create flash sites, that gave me the chance to direct HOW I wanted to show the message of my site, like a TV spot, but nowadays basically we have two options: a WP theme or a twitter Bootstrap single page where, in my poor opinion, is very important to have a logo identifying our profession, because in the case of the one page it is compulsory to have a lot of information in a reduced “space” and logos can help with the SEO. Well, I can tell you that I could not find an image that meet our requirements…………the flags that some people use could show me that that person speaks several languages, no that he/she translates. You know what I did for my own site? I designed a 3d Mock Up but I’m not satisfied. As I told you before, I’m not ashamed to be ignorant, then I will suggest you to give me your ideas, your graphical vision of what is our profession. I think it will give to all of us a graphical identity. Let’s work as a team.

Maurizio Hsu Palombini

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  1. Do we really need the “graphical identity” of this kind for our profession? I think if you are not an LSP firm, you just market yourself as a translator, not just your services (as in your name=your brand). True, you may associate some website with it, like “TRADUZIONA, the website of freelance translator Maurizio Palombini”. Tastes differ, of course, but I see it that way.

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  2. It’s really difficult to think up a logo, especially when the usual images, such as speech bubbles, globes and flags seem to have been done to death. On the other hand, it is what you immediately think of when you hear the word “translation” – language, speech, global communication.
    If you want a logo, why not have a doodle, and enlist the help of a graphic designer? Much better to have a creative brain to bounce ideas off of!

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  3. Ciao Maurizio! Same here, I’m struggling to find a suitable logo for myself. I think it has to be a really personal choice, for me it has to represent my vision of the translation business, not just a generic reference to translation. In the end I think the best way to go is what Natalie already suggested, sketching something myself, or coming up with an idea, and then asking the help of a professional graphic designer 🙂

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