#TranslatorsOnAir Humanitarian Translation feat. @rpetras Season 2, Episode 15

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    Hey friends!

    I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday!

    I just wanted to share a recap of our recent episode of Translators On Air that we’ve recorded last week.

    It was a real pleasure to talk to Rebecca Petras. We had a very interesting conversation about humanitarian translation and Translators without Borders.

    You can watch the replay right here.

    You can  also watch/listen on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

    Watch on YouTube

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    Or if you’re super busy, you can check out some of the highlights below.

    Highlights of the Show

    1) Rebecca talks about some of the projects that TWB is currently involved in
    2) Rebecca shares some insights about the incentive programm for translators
    3) Rebecca explains how translators and interpreters can volunteer

    To watch the entire episode simply click this link.

    About Rebecca

    A founding board member of Translators without Borders, Rebecca has been on the management team since 2012. In 2012, she worked with a small team of board members to develop the Translators without Borders’ Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya, and oversaw its growth to TWB’s first field office.

    She also developed the Words of Relief crisis translation network, the first and only network of its kind in humanitarian response. Words of Relief has been deployed during the Ebola crisis (2014/15), the cholera epidemic among Burundi refugees (2015), the Nepal earthquake (2015), the European refugee crisis (2015/2017), the Ecuador earthquake (2016), and the Yemen conflict (2016).

    Rebecca also has years of experience in the localization industry, handling public relations and marketing for the Globalization and Localization Association, and a number of language service and technology providers. She holds a master’s in journalism from Columbia University in the City of New York and a bachelor’s degree in German and Philosophy from the University of Michigan.

    In this episode you will learn:

    • What humanitarian translation is
    • How you can join Translators without Borders
    • What their incentive program for translators looks like

    …and much more!

    Watch this episode online

    Main website of Translators without Borders

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    Hugs from Toronto and Nizhny Novgorod!

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