#TranslatorsOnAir Mentoring for translators feat. @oreli_L10N Season 2, Episode 3

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    Hey friends! Happy Monday!

    Just wanted to share a recap of our show with Aurélie Perrin that we’ve recorded last week!

    This time around we talked a lot about mentoring for translators while Aurélie shared her experience of working with a mentor and how it helped here advance her business.

    Aurélie is an English-French translator specializing in video game localization.

    You can watch the replay right here.

    You can  also watch/listen on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

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    Or if you’re super busy, you can check out some of the highlights below.

    Highlights of the Show

    1) Aurélie explains what mentoring is.
    2) Aurélie talks about some of the places where you could find a mentor.
    3) Aurélie talks about your relationship with mentor and what it looks like.

    To watch the entire episode simply click this link.

    About Aurélie

    Aurélie didn’t follow the “regular path” to become a translator. After a BA in Foreign Languages at University Lumière Lyon 2 in France, she wasn’t sure about the path she would follow and opted for a gap year. Few weeks later, she flew off to Australia before coming back home a year later with the idea to move to England and go back to university for a 3D video game artist course. Aurélie wanted to work in the video game industry since 1999.

    Instead, she got a job as Commercial Assistant Export, and then Marketing Assistant, in an orthopaedic-specialized company in France. It was a very valuable experience where she learnt a lot about herself and working in a company. During her free time, she also learnt DTP and web development on her own. 3 years later, Aurélie quit her job to become a webmaster, but it turned out not to be as exciting as she thought. That’s when she realized she could combine her knowledge of web development and languages, which Aurélie extended to apps and video games.

    Aurélie considered reaching out for a mentor by the second half of 2015, when she felt she needed help to keep going in the right direction as a video game translator. And the Open Mic helped her find that mentor.

    In this episode you will learn:

    • How mentoring works;
    • How you can find a mentor;
    • What you should pay attention to when choosing a mentor;
    • What you can expect from a relationship with a mentor;

    …and much more!

    Watch this episode online

    Here are some of the useful links that were shared during this episode:

    1) Proz mentoring program.

    2) A great article on the benefits of working with mentor.

    3) Why both newbies and seasoned translators should join mentoring programs.

    P.S.: As always, sharing is caring! 99.99% of translators never heard about our show, so if you really enjoyed watching this episode, make sure you click one of those social-sharing buttons below.

    Hugs from Toronto and Nizhny Novgorod!

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