#TranslatorsOnAir Personal branding for freelance translators feat. @OlgaReinholdt Season 4, Episode 1

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    Hey friends!

    Guess who’s back for another season? Yep, it’s you favorite talk show! 😘 Did you miss us? Because we really missed you!

    In our latest episode we’re talking about personal branding for freelance translators with an English-Russian technical translator and professional coach Olga Reinhold.

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    Highlights of the Show

    1) What is a personal brand and why is it important for a freelancer? (view answer)
    2) Can a personal brand be bad for your business?? (view answer)
    3) How to develop personal brand especially if you’re an introvert? (view answer)

    You can watch the replay of the entire episode right here.

    About Olga

    Olga Reinholdt is a professional coach, devoted to supporting clients in self-actualization and developing powerful authentic brands.

    Olga started her working life as a translator: she received degree in linguistics and translation in Kazakhstan, worked for variety of international oil and gas projects as a technical translator and interpreter, and eventually started her own freelance business in technical translation. Meanwhile she received her second degree in Management from a Moscow University, which sparkles her interest in professional marketing.

    Olga didn’t stay in translation and after 10 years of translation practice she turned to her passion – fitness, and then – human dynamics, psychology and coaching.

    Later she took life coaching and leadership training in Washington DC.

    Olga combines 8 years of her own entrepreneurial experience, her education, and coaching skills to find the very essence of personality and brand in her clients and to  develop it into a brand that is beyond competition.

    Website: http://olgareinholdt.com

    Contact: olga.reinholdt@gmail.com

    In this episode you will learn:

    • Why personal brand is important for a freelancer;
    • How to develop a personal brand if you’re an introvert;
    • What a translator should look for in building his/her brand;
    • Why your existing personal brand may be a bad service to your business;

    …and much more!

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    Hugs from Toronto and Nizhny Novgorod!

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