#TranslatorsOnAir Simplifying Sales for Translators feat. @Sherifabuzid Season 4, Episode 6

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    Hey friends!

    So sorry I missed the previous episode of Translators On Air and couldn’t host do to my workload. However, I think Elena and Sherif did a terrific job and answered lots of questions from our viewers.

    Check out the recording of this webinar if you couldn’t attend.

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    Or if you’re super busy, you can check out some of the highlights below.

    Highlights of the Show

    1) How can we organized a simple and effective sales process? (view answer)
    2) What tools can help translators work on sales? (view answer)
    3) What are some the sales strategies that freelance translators can use? (view answer)

    You can watch the replay of the entire episode right here.

    About Sherif

    Sherif Abuzid is English to Arabic native translator and key accounts manager at TranslationPartner. He translates to Arabic and manages projects in African and Middle East languages.

    Sherif studied English and translation at the faculty of Arts in Egypt, sales and marketing at the American university in Cairo and holds a MBA in International Business Administration from The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

    His translation agency website is www.translationapartner.com. The company translates medical, technical and software documents into Arabic, Middle East and African languages.

    In this episode you will learn:

    • The differences between sales and marketing;
    • What sales strategies they can use;
    • What tools can help organize sales;

    …and much more!

    Watch this episode online

    Get “The Translators Sales Guide” from here.

    Get the “7 Steps To Win New Translation Clients With Email” guide from here. ​

    Marketing or Selling: Which Is More Important?

    The sales blog

    Sherif Abuzid’s website is www.sherifabuzid.com


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    Hugs from Toronto and Nizhny Novgorod!

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