Transparency Dashboard, Experimental JavaScript Field and Xing

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    Hey friends!

    Just wanted to share some development news with you. After a very refreshing weekend at my friend’s wedding I decided that it’s high time to do some development work.

    Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

    # 1 New transparency dashboard ☀






    I’m really proud that I’ve decided to default to transparency and I hope that this dashboard will inspire other entrepreneurs in our industry.

    Feel free to check it out and don’t forget to tell your colleagues about it.

    # 2 New experimental JavaScript field 🔬

    If you edit your profile you’ll notice that you now have an Experimental Step 12 (at the very bottom of the page).

    With the help of this field you can easily add real-time chat or phone call scheduling widgets from CalendlyTawkDrift and many other providers. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.

    # 3 New Xing field 💡

    German users rejoice! You can now add a link to your Xing profile when editing your Open Mic profile.

    Simply go to Step 3 and add a link to your Xing profile in the provided field and click Update Profile.

    Other minor improvements include:

    • We’ve added the National League of Translators (Russia) to the list of associations (thanks for the suggestion, Slava);
    • We’ve added Association professionnelle des métiers de la traduction to the list of associations (thanks for the suggestion, Anne);
    • We’ve added Animal care/Pet care to the list of fields of expertise/areas of interest (thanks for the suggestion, Francesca);

    Thank you so much for using The Open Mic, guys! You rock!

    High-five from Toronto!

    Dmitry Kornyukhov

    About Dmitry Kornyukhov

    Founder of The Open Mic. Video game localization specialist. I help video game developers, game publishers and localization studios bring their projects to the Russian-speaking gaming community.

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