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    This May, June and July we’re partnering up with our friends from LSP.expert to promote their all-in-one solution for accounting, project management and invoicing.

    You can give it a try right here.

    They have a 30 day free trial and all members of The Open Mic community get 15% off their yearly plan with promo code THEOPENMIC.

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    Up Your Productivity with LSP.expert

    We’ve been having a debate recently on whether multitasking is a skill we need to develop or drop. Freelance translators wear a lot of different hats – their focus shifts from marketing to multilingual projects to money issues, all before their coffee break at…whatever time they manage to grab it.

    It’s often implied that if you’re able to multitask you’ll be ahead of the productivity game, but we’re not sure that’s true. Think about it: when you’re researching a project and trying to translate and responding to clients and getting an invoice out…are you really getting that much work done?

    Of course not.

    Don’t get us wrong, getting things done is our priority too. But we think that multitasking should be done by our tools, not our own overtaxed brains!

    But sometimes having a multitude of multitasking tools can be just as overwhelming as doing the tasks ourselves. Managing all the Excel spreadsheets, time tracking software and CRM systems can be pretty time-consuming.

    There are log-ins to remember, settings to set, subscriptions to manage and information to input.

    Surely one tool that does it all would cut stress and crank up your productivity?

    Enter: LSP.expert.

    LSP.expert is an all-in-one project management tool to efficiently run your translation business. Created by freelance translators for freelance translators, there aren’t any of the annoying workarounds you might be used to. You know, like trying to figure out a way to account for different currencies on invoices, or how to incorporate your CAT tool analysis into a quote.

    But what does it do exactly?

    Project Management

    At last! A way to manage all your projects which doesn’t involve losing countless hours on Excel!

    LSP.expert lets you create a job in just a few clicks. You can also add the Project Manager and the purchase order number, enter information from your CAT tool analyses or import them directly from the analysis file. You can also upload files for the job, via your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

    If you want to know your productivity per hour to include on an invoice for a client who pays by the hour, then, you can also track the time you spend on each job.

    Money money money

    Remember the easy peasy job creation process we described above? Well, creating quotes and invoices is just as simple. Mostly because all it requires is for you to add the aforementioned job to the invoice! A few clicks and your document is done. One more click and it’s sent straight to your client.

    You can also change the status of each invoice or quote to keep track of them. At the end of the month, all you have to do is select all the jobs you want to invoice and click on one single button (that’s right, even if the jobs are for different clients) to create all your invoices at once.

    People Skills (aka Client Management)

    For each client, you can manage the services you offer (for example, translation, editing, proofreading), the rates you apply (including any variations for CAT tool matches), currency and taxes, the payment terms, and key contacts for sending invoices. You can also add generic files to each client’s profile (a confidentiality agreement, contract, etc.)


    Attention all geeks! LSP.expert offers 14 (yes, fourteen) different reports including: how much money you can expect in your account at the end of the month; who your biggest client is; how many words you translate per hour; how much tax you’ll need to pay; exchange rate gains and losses, which suppliers incur the greatest expenses. All of these are shown in clear tables and charts. You can also apply filters based on the information you want to display.

    Team Work Makes the Dream Work

    Collaboration is key in this brave new world of translation, and LSP.expert has you covered. Many of us now count translator outsourcers, i.e. the colleagues we collaborate with, as some of our biggest clients.

    LSP.expert allows you to manage all your outsourcer relationships, so you can keep track of availability and invoicing data, as well as offering you a special team function, which lets you efficiently and easily run projects with multiple team members.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    LSP.expert is available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

    A monthly subscription costs €10.50 a month, whilst a yearly subscription costs €108 a year (that’s just €9 a month!). For this price, you get a great tool tailored to the needs of freelance translators, premium support from the LSP.expert team, back-up of your data and regular updates and new functionalities (often as a direct result of users’ suggestions).

    The best thing? There’s a 30-day free trial (with no need to enter in your card details) to let you get to know the tool inside out before you decide to buy.

    Okay, that was only the best thing.

    Want to know the bestest thing?

    By using THEOPENMIC you can get 15% off the price of a new yearly subscription. Just enter the code at checkout.

    Ready to get started?

    Get 15% off LSP.expert today!

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