Julia Shpakova

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offlineJoined April 1, 2018Journalism, Marketing, PR and/or market research
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A few things about me

Russian Federation
Copywriting, Transcreation, Transcription, Translation
From 16 to 20 years of experience
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My rates

0.11 USD per source word
0.05 USD per source word
From 36 to 45 USD
Every project is different and I'm afraid there is no such thing as a "one-fits-all" translation rate. There are literally dozens of factors that affect translation rates: the complexity of your source text, file format (hand-written and non-editable electronic documents tend to be much more expensive), how fast you want it back, your budget expectations, etc. Please, contact me and I'll be happy to give you an exact quote.

My fields of expertise and areas of interest

Journalism, Marketing, PR and/or market research
Advertising and/or copywriting, Corporate social responsibility, E-commerce

My education

St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg State University
journalism and public relations
International Law School
Coursera, Yale University
Digital Marketing
comparative law
international law
marketing translation

My biography and experience

I’m a native English-Russian translator focused on legal and promotional texts. I seek excellence in delivering smart translation that adds value. I graduated from St. Petersburg University with a linguistics diploma and worked as a translator and interpreter. I felt something was missing, so I returned to University to take a master-degree course in marketing and public relations and a course in comparative law. As a content writer, I worked in the legal and consumer sectors and helped to create the best consumer experience. Something was missing again. With a passion for translation, I decided to leverage my experience in both areas. I took an advanced marketing translation course and discovered the exciting potential of transcreation. What is added value translation? My quality standards. • Translate ideas in the context of culture. This applies both to legal and promotional texts, which may become meaningless if translated without regard to the cultural context. • Deliver deep work tailored to individual needs. Deep work means it is rare, high-value, and non-replicable. Tailored translation means keeping the original tone of voice and making it sound natural in a different culture. • Expand subject-matter expertise. Continuous learning is my passion. I communicate with my colleagues who are experts in law and digital marketing and turn to them for help when in doubt. • Deliberately practice writing in cooperation with editors and industry experts to hone my writing and language skills and subject-matter knowledge. I write articles in Russian related to the knowledge economy, personal branding, and personal performance. I’m fond of content curation and give a personal touch to meaningful information and insights. • Protect clients’ privacy and security. I believe new Europe’s GDPRs are reasonable rules to follow for both sides of a translation project. • Be friends with machines to prevent them from controlling my work. I use translator’s tools and CATs to focus on my work and delegate routine tasks to machines. This saves a lot of time! To be continued! I’m happy that no one is perfect and I have a great time ahead seeking excellence. Looking forward to working with you to deliver the best possible results for both of us!