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  • Less than 1 minute, my friend!

    Dear colleagues, I’d like to ask you for some unbiased feedback on one page on our server. Here’s a screenshot, but if you want to help, please just visit the page and experience the look and feel yourself. The page is interactive and this screenshot isn’t.


    On fairtradetranslation.com push the “live demo” button. In the sidebar click on “3 Translation Analysis“. I would love to get your opinion on the page you’ll see.

    Is this page self-explanatory? Is there not too much text? Do you do the effort to read it or do you look at the graph? Do you understand the text? Does the graph help you to understand this service? Would you recommend we say what we say in another way? Is price simulation visible enough or a hidden treasure? Should we cut this page in 2 parts, one with the analysis and one with the price simulation? Do you understand you can also download the optimized translation job?

    We changed this page several times over the past year, and still we’re not satisfied. We really love to get your idea about it.  Please comment hereafter.


    (PS — if the page deviates from the screenshot, don’t worry. We’re playing with the page all the time this week. )

    Gert Van Assche

    About Gert Van Assche

    Skeptical technology lover, testing a lot of translation tools. Occasionally I translate and develop software myself as well. I help LSPs through Datamundi, translators through Fair Trade Translation.

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