Why donating to The Open Mic? The Open Mic has just launched a funding campaign, to take this community and platform to the next level.

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    The Open Mic has just launched a funding campaign, to take this community and platform to the next level: all info here.

    Dmitry, the founder of The Open Mic, asked me to share the reasons why I decided to take him up on his request and donate. The reasons which came to mind are many, so I thought to share them with everybody. And hope to hear yours too soon.

    So, why did I donate?

    • The Open Mic inspired me to revamp my blog and ultimately to write again, to write more.
    •  The reach it offers is wide. When I publish posts in English on my blog, I always re-post them on The Open Mic, because the reach gets multiplied: by the system itself and by the fellow translators who like the article and share it on the social media.
    • The platform is super user-friendly, so all you have to do is actually gather your thoughts and write.
    •  This community gives us translators and writers the opportunity to show off our skills, to talk about what we do and how we do it. It is a further and extensive opportunity to let the customers know what we can do for them and why they should choose us.

      It gives a voice to our profession. And most importantly, it allows us to shape the conversation.

    •  I learned a lot, and keep doing it, from the posts published daily from my fellow translators. Each of us has their personal and professional history and by sharing it we grow, develop, mentor and learn. This is continuous development spread out in hundreds of articles, tips, skills. ALL FOR FREE.

    Donating means taking the project to the next step, in terms of tools, reach, usability, interaction with customers and third parties. With just 24 dollars each we can make this happen. It is a tiny sum. It is an opportunity to give something back and start thinking bigger.

    Laura Cattaneo

    About Laura Cattaneo

    Italian communication expert. Translation, transcreation, editing, content writing. Marketing, creative, legal.

    7 thoughts on “Why donating to The Open Mic?

    1. Hi Laura, I totally agree with you! I supported as well the Open Mic funding campaign since I strongly believe in this project, in such an innovative approach and way of getting together professionals from all over the world. Together we can make our voice heard louder, spread ideas, insights and know-hows, creat networking opportunities and gain more visibility. Come on everybody, be part of the future! Let’s make it bigger!!!!

      1. Thank you, Silvia! It takes time to shape future into what we want it to be. And definitely it’s not a one-man job, but I hope that sooner or later translators will learn that our future is in our hands and we’re the only ones who can affect it and change the way things are in the industry.

        There’s a lot of things that could be improved and I have a ton of ideas how to make The Open Mic better. I know it will take a lot o time, but I have the all time in the world and I know that success, recognition and trust don’t come easy.

        I just hope more people will take a stand and learn that we’re the ones in charge of our own destiny and if we want a better future we need to learn how to take a stand. We need to learn how to be brave, weird, different. We need to have our own voice and The Open Mic is a great place to make your voice heard.

      2. Ciao Silvia, I totally agree with you. During the recent Translating Europe conference it was said more than once that 99% of what gets out from us translators on the net is complaint (for rates, for colleagues, for agencies, for the lagging work etc.). It is high time to change the conversation and the perception our customers have of us. And talking about who we are and what we do, and what we can do for our customers, is the best way to shape the conversation. This is one of the main reasons I decided to donate. Of course you can have a personal blog and write. But if you enrol in a platform like this, where reach and networking opportunities multiply, well, expecting to have everything for free forever, is a bit unrealistic. 😉

        1. “It was said more than once that 99% of what gets out from us translators on the net is complaint” -Wow I didn’t know that it was one of the topics of the conversations. When this is discussed on a large-scale even like this, I think it’s high time for us all to sit a think about changing our attitude.

          I don’ mind occasional venting and sharing jokes about “clients from hell” in dedicated places like Things Translators Never Say group on Facebook, but I also understand the importance of creating something that inspires other and brings value.

          Complaints won’t get us far. I realized that a long time ago and stopped doing it altogether. Whenever I feel the urge to complain I switch to something more productive, like work or building things.

          Imagine our profession if everyone would channel their complaints into something more productive and valuable? That would be a whole another world, imho.

          Of course, not everyone can or should do it (people are always in charge of their own decisions), but from my personal perspective, changing your mindset does help a lot in life and in business.

    2. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts publicly, Laura! It really means a lot to me and knowing that I have the support of such wonderful people like yourself is truly inspiring. I hope that other translators will find value in this community and help us reach our goals.

      Launching a crowdfunding campaign was THE MOST SCARIEST thing I have ever done in my life and I couldn’t literally sleep at night for weeks. But I’m glad I did it. Because it let me find people who truly care and it helps me focus on the things that really matter.

      Even though right now we’ve barely had any donors and I know that it will be an on-going uphill battle, it just gives me more inspiration and more reason to keep doing what I’m doing.

      Someone told me that crowdfunding is a mistake. I’d say giving up on your ideas because you fail at something is a mistake. Thanks for support! It really means a lot!

    3. Hi Dmitry, you’ll always find someone who does not agree with you, that’s life. But doing what you think it’s right and unavoidable, even though it scares you witless, takes courage. Change is scary, at least for me, but once I’ve sort of forced me to do something I want to do but scares me, it has always paid out. So, fingers crossed! 🙂

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