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    All translators and other freelance professionals realize that there is something wrong in their offices at times. The air smells strange, and something seems to be wrong with the ventilation; perhaps the office environment is really causing health problems. At such moments air pollution might be the cause, and the AIRY Flower Pot might be the solution. That’s why this xl8 review is about the AIRY Flower Pot.

    The theory behind the AIRY Flower Pot

    For people working where air pollution is an issue, the AIRY Flower Pot might be the solution. Indeed, that is what the people behind the innovative flower pot are promising. The product was designed in Germany and introduced a couple of years ago as ‘your solution against indoor air pollution’. It must be said that the story behind the product sounds scientifically sound. Plastics, construction material, carpets, furniture, and even our clothes contain environmental pollutants and toxins. These substances are evaporating into the air over time, after which we inhale them. Once in our bodies, the pollutants and toxins can make us sick.
    According to the product designers, the air in our offices can be up to ten times more polluted than the air right next to a main street. If that is really the case no freelance translator or other professional can live without an AIRY Flower Pot in the office…

    xl8 review of AIRY Flower Pot


    The AIRY Flower Pot

    The AIRY Flower Pot, which was introduced back in 2015, was the first plant pot to clean the indoor air. According to the designers, one flower pot, containing a substrate and plant, can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxins in an office room of 16 square metres in only 24 hours. It makes use of a smart bio-filtering technology, which means that the natural power of the plant in cooperation with the specially designed pot ventilates air through the roots of the plant.
    To prevent the plants from dieing, the pot has a reservoir which holds 2.4 litres of water; as a result, the flowers only need to be watered every four to six weeks.

    Various international patents that were filed for the flower pot ensure that the claims made for the AIRY Flower Pot are not groundless. These patents must make sure that users of the flower pot no longer suffer from sick building syndrome.

    The AIRY Flower Pot in the office

    I must admit that I never realized that air in the office could be so dangerous, but I have also never suffered any symptoms from sick building syndrome. However, as I am hosting the xl8 review for thousands of translators all over the world I still wanted to test the flower pot. Indeed it could even help me to have a much healthier office environment. Benzene, phtalates, and ammonia could be everywhere…

    The people of the AIRY Flower Pot were eager to help me test the product and sent over a beautiful white plant pot with a nice red-colored ventilating system. The box also contained some substrates, activated carbon, expanded clay, a water level indicator (very important for me!), a detailed user guide and some directions for buying the right plant (which obviously was not included). Setting up the AIRY Flower Pot was as easy as 1, 2, 3 and all I had to do was to buy a plant. Unfortunately, my favorite plants did not support the conversion process which AIRY makes use of, but in the end I bought a Spathiphyllum at IKEA. The great air conversion process could start…

    AIRY Flower Pot review

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    Review of the AIRY Flower Pot

    I must say that the AIRY Flower Pot looks good in my office. In addition, the water level indicator was a very good tool as I am not used to watering my plants very much, which often leads to their starvation and death. In that sense, the AIRY Flower Pot has been a good thing.

    The most important part of the AIRY Flower Pot however, was not very apparent to me. In the almost nine months I used and tested the AIRY Flower Pot I did not notice an increase in health or a better indoor environment in my office. Lacking really good tools to test the indoor air myself, I was unable to judge whether the AIRY Flower Pot did a good job or not. That makes this review a bit difficult, and different from other xl8 reviews. In the end, I believe that the idea behind the AIRY Flower Pot may be a good one, and this is supported by the introduction of various competing products like the NATEDE, which was introduced recently. Users of the AIRY Flower Pot are also reporting positive comments, suggesting they are happy with their AIRY Flower Pot.

    All of these might justify the conclusion that the AIRY Flower Pot is a good product, but one that mostly benefits people who are suffering real health problems due to poor indoor air quality. For them, the price tag of almost €80 should not be a problem, but for people who do not really experience health issues currently, that price might prove a little too expensive.

    However, the people behind the AIRY Flower Pot recently announced that they were considering a new, app-enabled flower pot. By connecting the flower pot to the app people may get greater insights into the health improvements the AIRY Flower Pot brings. That would really be an interesting introduction, which would make more sense for assessing the indoor air quality improvements generated by the AIRY Flower Pot. If we can get our hands on one to test the claims with scientific data, it will certainly be put to the test!

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