The Open Mic is a new blogging platform for translators! Craft beautiful stories about the translation industry. Teach, learn and inspire. Learn how to get your translation business off the ground.


The Open Mic in a Nutshell

Improve Online Visibility

Create a stunning profile and impress your clients. You're in total control of how your profile looks and feels​. Creating a profile on The Open Mic is easy and fun.

Craft Beautiful Stories

The Open Mic is a unique blogging platform for translators where you can share your stories about translation industry using an intuitive Publishing Tool.

Meet Fellow Translators

The Open Mic is a rapidly growing community of translators and interpreters. Follow your colleagues, discuss hot topics, and help us improve the image of our profession.

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Share Ideas

Craft beautiful stories and share them with our tight-knit community. The Open Mic puts your amazing content front and center.

No ads, no annoying sidebars.

Just you, talking about the things that matter.

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Stunning Profiles

The Open Mic redefines online visibility for translators and interpreters. Design a beautifully-looking profile in less than a minute!

Add your bio, rates and fields of expertise.

Show your skills in style and wow your clients.

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Just Read

Not so sure about your writing skills?

No problem! Just sit back and enjoy the most rewarding reading experience in the industry.

Learn about marketing, business, web design, social media and much more!

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The Next Level of Online Visibility

The Open Mic won't replace your personal website, but it's pretty damn close! Finally, online profiles that look and feel modern and not like something that was designed in the 90's.

Read and Write Anywhere You Go

The Open Mic offers a unique mobile experience.

Read stories, share your thoughts and ideas on the go.

Translators Love The Open Mic

Dmitry KornyukhovEnglish-Russian Translator, Founder of The Open Mic

I always wanted to create a unique space where we can talk about the problems and find solutions. Together. A space that will be free from corporate greed and excessive censorship. A space where everyone will be able to speak up and help us improve the image of our profession. Where established translators can share their experience and newbie translators can learn something that will change their lives and the way they do business.

I know it might sound a little bit over the top, but I believe that WE CAN SHAPE THE FUTURE of the translation profession!

While having a ton of fun building the most vibrant translation community on the web!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and learn more about The Open Mic, user profiles, posting features and the ideas behind this amazing platform!

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I have a pretty solid online presence. What can The Open Mic offer me?

Why don't you make The Open Mic membership exclusive for professional translators only?

So, no moderation at all?

Do people really need Open Mic? I mean, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.

How do you plan to monetize The Open Mic?

I like your passion, but I'm not a big fan of various "platforms".

Is there any way I can help you make The Open Mic better?

Some Other Awesome Features Worth Mentioning

There is so much depth behind The Open Mic, it's just insane! We've built the first true community for translators that focuses on what translators actually need.

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Private Messages

Send private messages to your colleagues or reply to messages from potential clients.
The Open Mic makes it easy to stay in touch with people that matter.

Tons of Fun

Yes, The Open Mic was designed so we could talk about important stuff. But who said we can't have some fun while we're at it?
Earn points and badges, participate in discussions and enjoy the most rewarding user experience in translation industry.

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Social Activity

The Open Mic gives you the power to share great content, blog posts, videos, images and updates on your personal wall.
Follow other members and share something that sparks a conversation.
In some sense, The Open Mic is the first social network for translators.

If It's So Awesome How Come It's Free?

Because it’s the right thing to do. Because you deserve it. Because we believe in this project with all our heart. It's our turn to set trends in this industry. What do you say?

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