The Open Mic + Transparency

From the very first day we decided that we will default to transparency. We believe that this is how the modern day businesses should be built. This is why we openly share the progress of our development, our expenses, results of our crowdfunding campaign and many other things.

We believe that this kind of transparency will inspire the future generation of entrepreneurs.

Development & Roadmap

Being on the same page with our community is extremely important. That's why we publicly share the updates about the development and gather the feedback of our members.


Building an online platform for translators and people who're looking for professional translators is not an easy job. That's why we document and share all our expenses.


The Open Mic is a community driven project and we rely solely on the support of the wonderful people of our community. That's why we developed a dedicated page where you can view the status of our crowdfunding campaign.

Uptime & Status

The Open Mic has a dedicated page where any member can check our uptime/downtime and the current status of our website with response times (including latency).


We made our Google Analytics data publicly available to anyone on the web. We share number of users, sessions and engagement data.
(P.S.: You might need a  free Google account to view our data)


The Open Mic is a community-driven project. We have a great team of volunteers and supporters who  help us make The Open Mic possible. Check out their profiles and don't forget to follow them on The Open Mic!