Do people really need Open Mic?

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​You know what?

That’s a very good point.

The Open Mic cannot replace you your favorite Facebook group.

And to be honest, it’s not what it intends to do.

The ambition behind The Open Mic is to build a knowledge temple, a next-generation community.

A place where you’ll be able to learn and teach, find inspiration, motivate people.

This is what The Open Mic is about.

It’s about writing and sharing great ideas.

The Open Mic is a the first blogging platform for translators.

Yes, it has a social media vibe to it (with personal walls, followers, profiles, notifications, etc), but the main idea is to make it a place where great ideas are born and live.

A place where you can simply relax and enjoy great stories, shared by the amazingly talented translators who are passionate about the translation profession and want to make it a little bit better.

But more importantly, everything you write on The Open Mic is easy to find.

Your stories can be found on Google, there are lots of great tools for sharing on social media, your profiles are extremely beautiful and engaging.

And the membership is free!

The Open Mic has a lot of depth and we’re sure there will be something for everyone.

We also believe that The Open Mic can revolutionize the way people find and hire professional translators

Well, at least we certainly want to make it the next best thing in the industry by creating fun environment and an opportunity for our clients to meet us and connect on a more personal level.

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