How does publishing a new story work?

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In order to publish your stories on The Open Mic, you’ll need to create a free account.

You can register here:

Once you’re all set you can start writing your awesome stories and blog posts using our user-friendly and intuitive Publishing Tool.

Just go to the menu, click on Publish New Story and start writing.

Simple as that!

Hit “Publish” once you’re done and your story will be instantly published on The Open Mic! Yay!

You’ll see your story on the homepage, as well as in the respective category that you’ve chosen.

Now it’s time to share it with everyone on other social networks 🙂

You can also share a link to your story with your Open Mic followers in your activity stream:

Your story might also show up in the menu section called Trending Today, depending​ on how many views it gets.

Your story can also get featured and will be displayed in an awesome slider on the homepage:

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