I’m not a big fan of various “platforms”.

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​Look, we get it.

It’s really hard to trust somebody you don’t know.

Especially after a decade of various bidding platforms with paid membership dominating the market.

We know that it’s not easy to believe that this whole Open Mic thing is not some sort of the ploy to trick you into sharing your ideas and then stealing your money.

We’re really skeptical about those things too.

What makes The Open Mic so different is that membrship here is absolutely free and that’s how it will remain.

Give it a try and if you hate it you can always send us your suggestions or write a blog post about it.

The Open Mic values the freedom of speech an expression.

If you don’t like some features or ideas of The Open Mic you can always express your concern.

​You can also decide what features to use, whether to share your ideas or simply sit back and enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and opinions.

You can even hide your profile from everyone.

​It’s ok to be skeptical, but sometimes you just need to have a little bit of faith.

We believe in this project with all our hearts and we know that it can do a lot of good things for this industry.

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